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Old 27th March 2014
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Default Fan Control in OpenBSD?


I'm wondering if OpenBSD has a manual way to control fan speed?

Currently I have SENSORSD and APMD running. I set APMD to start with the -C flag as per the man page as that was the "Cool" option.

For some strange reason the fans are spinning at 3000RPM....

sysctl gives this:

hw.sensors.cpu0.temp0=51.00 degC
hw.sensors.cpu1.temp0=51.00 degC
hw.sensors.cpu2.temp0=51.00 degC
hw.sensors.cpu3.temp0=51.00 degC
hw.sensors.lm1.temp0=34.00 degC
hw.sensors.lm1.temp1=57.00 degC
hw.sensors.lm1.temp2=33.50 degC
hw.sensors.lm1.volt0=1.08 VDC (VCore)
hw.sensors.lm1.volt1=12.04 VDC (+12V)
hw.sensors.lm1.volt2=3.36 VDC (+3.3V)
hw.sensors.lm1.volt3=3.36 VDC (+3.3V)
hw.sensors.lm1.volt4=-10.92 VDC (-12V)
hw.sensors.lm1.volt5=1.26 VDC
hw.sensors.lm1.volt6=1.06 VDC
hw.sensors.lm1.volt7=3.33 VDC (3.3VSB)
hw.sensors.lm1.volt8=1.60 VDC (VBAT)
hw.sensors.lm2.temp0=34.00 degC
hw.sensors.lm2.temp1=57.00 degC
hw.sensors.lm2.temp2=33.50 degC
hw.sensors.lm2.fan0=1622 RPM
hw.sensors.lm2.fan1=164 RPM
hw.sensors.lm2.fan2=3013 RPM
hw.sensors.lm2.fan3=2986 RPM
hw.sensors.lm2.fan4=164 RPM
hw.sensors.lm2.volt0=1.08 VDC (VCore)
hw.sensors.lm2.volt1=12.04 VDC (+12V)
hw.sensors.lm2.volt2=3.36 VDC (+3.3V)
hw.sensors.lm2.volt3=3.36 VDC (+3.3V)
hw.sensors.lm2.volt4=-10.92 VDC (-12V)
hw.sensors.lm2.volt5=1.26 VDC
hw.sensors.lm2.volt6=1.06 VDC
hw.sensors.lm2.volt7=3.33 VDC (3.3VSB)
hw.sensors.lm2.volt8=1.60 VDC (VBAT)
The CPU is a Xeon E5, which per the above is downclocked to 1200RPM....

Basically this seems strange, though I know the kernel/BIOS should adjust the fans speeds automatically but for such large fans they are making quite a bit of noise while another machine running FreeBSD also in a SuperMicro chassis is almost dead silent.....

The chassis is basically a 4U industrial SuperMicro chassis with very large PWM fans (80mm I think?).

I don' think that the fans need to run at 3000RPM, though having done lots of reading I haven't found anywhere to adjust them with... SENSORSD is read-only and can't make adjustments.

Is there such a feature/port that could do this or do I simply have to live with the noise?

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