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Old 9th April 2014
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Default I have a particular problem

Hi. I just installed OpenBSD for the first time only a few days ago. I would wait much longer to post out of respect but I really need help with something.

Word count: 902
TLDR: Sorry for the wall of text. Someone is pranking me and making annoying noises with my computer and is also able to tell how much noise is going through my microphone but can't actually hear the noise. The person is also able to tell how much my activity my computer is doing, like when I go to a website, but not what website it is or anything. This includes what I suppose is the minimal install of OpenBSD 5.4 and a Gentoo LiveCD. The person was able to see absolutely everything on my screen with Windows 7, Mint and Ubuntu but not Windows 8, Gentoo, Puppy or OpenBSD 5.4. Something about the distribution TAILS makes it the safest for me to use. I would do anything have an operating system that doesn't let anybody do this. Ultimately all I need is a web browser.

A person I know is dogging me on my laptop on multiple operating systems and screwing with it. I've never been under any serious threat but the person will cause my computer to make certain annoying noises and the person is able to tell how much activity my computer is doing, like when I go to websites, just not what websites or anything. Also the person is able to apparently tell how much noise is going into my microphone but can't actually hear the noise itself, just the quantity of noise/the volume. I know all of this might sound strange but it's really more of an annoyance and I'm more concerned with the fact that anybody is able to do this rather than the fact that this person is doing it. The reason the person is doing it is just because the person is crazy and has daddy problems (the person is a girl).

The person could see everything I could did on my computer, and also make noises, with Windows 7, everything, as well as with Mint and Ubuntu. My computer is safe in this regard (not the noises) with Windows 8, Gentoo/Sabayon, Puppy and TAILS. There are actually two particular noises the person makes. One is a continuous noise, sort of quiet, like the usual noise of a computer working. The second is a lurching noise that the person will do occasionally, also a noise like a computer working, just louder. For whatever reason, the person is able to make the continuous and lurching noises with Gentoo/Sabayon and Puppy but can only make the lurching noise with TAILS and Windows 8. Also I think maybe the microphone thing doesn't working with TAILS, but maybe not. It does work with Windows 8. The person is apparently also not able to make the continuous noise with OpenBSD, which I have only used with the shell. The person is able to make the lurching noise and I think the person can use the microphone as I described. I installed OpenBSD because I read that it was more secure than Linux. I've given all this information in an effort to figure out how this person is doing all this. A bit more information I can provide is that it took the person, who I know has help from any number of knowledgeable people (since she's a girl), took 18 hours to get through Mint. I don't know if it took that long to find an open port or what (I really don't know and am in general in need of help). Also, weeks after I tried using Mint, I used TAILS and it then took the person and her help 24 hours to be able to get past that, which I guess is interesting. And again there's something different about TAILS so that the person can only make a lurching noise, and that lurching noise is also slightly smaller than on other operating systems.

I don't know if I need to disable SSH or what (just throwing that out there). I know about as little about OpenBSD as a person can after installing (I used 5.4) and I will spend however many hours on it as I have to. I have enjoyed my crash course on OpenBSD and Linux. I will do absolutely anything possible to solve this. Again, for only 24 hours with TAILS I was able to use my computer completely freely. The person is actually consistent with her prank and will let me know indirectly when she has gained access (I'm serious). I will install what anyone asks me to. I never installed Gentoo, I only used a livecd, although I could if anybody asked me to (I did install Sabayon though). I basically just need to be able to use a web browser and open PDFs with whatever I settle on so I don't know if any solution has to work with a desktop environment or what. I'm using TAILS until then. I have a Dell Latitude E6500 laptop and I have to plug my laptop into my router to install OpenBSD and Gentoo, I suppose because of outdated modules (I don't guess a big deal for now).

I would appreciate any help so much, even if you just have one thing to throw out. I'm sorry if this sounds totally ridiculous, everything I've said is true.

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