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Old 1st July 2008
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My first experience with programming was a class in high school that taught Pascal (TurboPascal 7.0 - to be exact). After that I tinkered here and there, a class in Visual Basic (.NET) and one in engineering programming - I forget what language exactly, but it might have been Basic, too - but nothing substantive until in college I decided to major in computer science.

I learned C++ in college, and shell scripting, too. On tap in my college studies is Java, Assembly, C (that one I am more-or-less on my own with K&R - but it shouldn't be too much different than C++).

I also have to learn now Perl for my job. And I want to learn PHP and HTML (well, at least brush up on my HTML as its been a couple years) to create my webpages.

The languages I most enjoy so far are C/C++ and shell scripting.
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Old 4th July 2008
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I used the book that came in the box with dBXL (dBaseIII clone)
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Old 10th July 2008
bm1 bm1 is offline
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I had my first taste of basic when I took a class at high school because I like a girl that took computers. Then Uni C++, java, web development (php, javascript, html, postgres).

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Old 11th July 2008
drhowarddrfine drhowarddrfine is offline
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I'm an electronic engineer. I started out in radio/TV but eventually went to computers for computer graphics (Pixar and Silicon Graphics). Design/build, then program using switches in hex. I've actually used individual wires before, too . So assembly was my first language. One job finally forced us to code in 'C' and we hated it. Too high level. (D**n MIT grad boss @ss***).
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Old 2nd September 2008
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My first steps of programming were when I was child (about 12), after being tired of playing a lot of games, I decided to use my Commodore 64's BASIC.
Some months later I bought the "Simon's BASIC" cartridge for Commodore 64 that was expanding the capabilities of the embedded BASIC to do some more intersting staff

A few years later, i bought my first PC with 286 processor and the 287 co-processor. On that period I bought a Quick Basic book and I started learning it...

After some more years, I went to the college and because I was following the job of the Electronic System Engineer, I was forced to learn very well (like drhowarddrfine ) assembly 80X86 and low-level C on SCO Unix platform.

After many years of experience working as a Unix sysadmin, I have mastered AWK and I use it for the most of my administrative tasks and I use C and Perl only a few times where I cannot do the job with the help of AWK.

Edit: For the young members and those who didn't remember the Simons' Basic, check out this link

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Old 6th September 2008
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I signed up for 3 programming courses in college over one calendar year; Beginning C++, Advanced(not really) C++ and Java. Java gave me instant gratification because of the gui(s) that we'd also create with the applets but it always felt dirty to me. C++ felt different, cleaner and the gratification came from getting the most done with the least amount of code. My most memorable assignment was to create a virtual keyboard(C++ and Qt3). While the task only specified alpha-numeric keys I completed that in about 20 minutes with the help of ascii values so added more keys to address the everything other that the alt and control keys(i had no idea what they really did). My instructor was impressed with how much I had learned in a couple of weeks so my first computer related paid job was at my university as a jr programmer and professor's technical aid. I don't currently program all that much but all that learning is put use everyday via scripting. I am a technical support specialist(Windows, Redhat, CentOS and FreeBSD) in my day job so sed and awk is used for almost every investigation ticket that I address.

I never learned basic but did do visual basic programming for a year before i learned about open source/platforms. Trying to learn python and ruby now but in the end i'll choose one of the two based on it merit and use it for development of a couple of sites i have in mind. php is not in the running this time. Maybe later though.

PS. My wife (CS major) introduced me to C programming on FreeBSD at a local BUG about 8 years ago but I only use straight C when forced.
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