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Old 18th October 2021
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Default Tribblix & OmniOSCE OpenSolaris/IllumOS Unix on same PC (same rpool?)

I'd like to install Tribblix and OmniOSCE OpenSolaris/IllumOS Unix on the same PC (same rpool?). How would I go about this?

It'll be on an MBR drive extended/logical partition.

People on Libera IRC #illumos said I can create an rpool on a partition. That was doable.

They said historically Solaris would only allow one rpool per computer. Is this still the case--would I have to use one rpool and half for each OS? How would that be setup?

Earlier I couldn't install Tribblix nor (well installed, wouldn't boot) OmniOSCE on a partition because this process is undocumented. I was given instructions from someone on #illumos in email: 'installboot did not work because you do not have VTOC in solaris2 partition. so you need to use format command (from omnios), select disk with solaris2 partition, enter p a(to get partition menu), create usr (for rpool) on slice 0. but before that, I'd recommend to destroy old rpool, so it wont be creating confusion there. then you can create it again on cXtYd0s0…' I'm thankful the chatter went into that detail level, but this is an example of incomplete technical writing not up to par with an academic/professional level. In that, you never use acronyms before you define them, regardless how simple/basic. I don't know what VTOC is, some details, nor why the installer won't create usr/ as other Unix installers do.

Apparently I'd have to decipher that and go through that process, and maybe more details, after creating an rpool with two areas.
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Old 19th October 2021
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I use Openindiana and Tribblix on the same computer, but on different SSDs. This is quite simple and uncomplicated.

On a third SSD I store only data and I have acces from both OS. Comfortable!
OK, this does not help you with your issues, but I want to mention it.

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