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Old 3rd February 2018
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Default How to Hack a Turned-off Intel Computer

Blog post of Positive Technologies researchers
How to Hack a Turned-off Computer, or Running Unsigned Code in Intel ME

Intel Management Engine (Intel ME) is a proprietary technology that consists of a microcontroller integrated into the Platform Controller Hub (PCH) chip and a set of built-in peripherals. The PCH carries almost all communication between the processor and external devices. Therefore, Intel ME has access to almost all data on the computer. The ability to execute third-party code on Intel ME would allow for a complete compromise of the platform.
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Old 3rd February 2018
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Its not just Intel, its AMD as well. You have to wonder what goes through their heads when they decide to put these things in. Or perhaps no thought went into it. They were compelled to do it.


For deep security, use ARM, avoid Intel & AMD processors
Posted on 3 February 2017 by E.M.Smith

It seems that Intel and AMD have decided to put a “computer inside your computer” that only they know how to operate, doing only what they tell it to do, and where nobody but them can see the programs running in it. IMHO, this is a security hole you could drive an entire Three Letter Agency through.

But worse, us “Hacker Types” being very cleaver folks, have figured out how to exploit it… Which means other Governments around the world will also know how to exploit it… Which means you are at risk for Chinese, Russian, Iranian, and who knows what all else TLA’s crawling into your Intel or AMD run box and doing it in such a way that you can not see them, nor ferret them out. Since ARM chips are not subject to this class of exploit, that’s why I’m so focused on making my home systems out of them.

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intel amt, intel me

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