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Old 11th February 2014
wjuq wjuq is offline
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Default OpenBSD as Mail server, can you check my configuration?

first time I write here, so hello to all! :-)

Now the questions:
I'm configuring one OpenBSD machine as a mail server; the server needs to download the emails from a pop3 account, share the emails with 3 different accounts (in the same machine) and make the emails downloadable from other clients in the same lan.
I also want to make possible that the 3 users can send emails to each other from other computers using some alias without the need of external server and instead all the other emails to be sent to an external smtp server.
Here my configurations files:

1) I set up a cron job and use fetchmail to download new emails every 5 minutes, "manuel" is the account where the emails are stored, so I use a system crontab to make possible for the user manuel to store emails in his mbox.

cat /etc/crontab < ---
#minute hour mday month wday user command
*/5 * * * * manuel /usr/local/bin/fetchmail

2) So the settings for fetchmail are (I'll keep the messages until I'll know all work, then I'll remove the "keep" keyword):

cat /home/manuel/.fetchmailrc < ---
poll pop.***.com proto POP3
user "***" with pass "***" is manuel here

3) The messages are forwarded to the other 3 accounts, but "manuel" doesn't need to keep anything in his mbox (user[1-3] are 3 registered accounts on the machine):

cat /home/manuel/.forward < ---
user1, user2, user3

4) I use OpenSMTP as MTA.

cat /etc/mail/smtpd.conf < ---
listen on all
table aliases db:/etc/mail/aliases.db
accept from any for local alias <aliases> deliver to mbox
accept from any for any relay via smtp://smtp.***.com

5) I'll use popa3d for the retrieving of the emails from the other computers in the lan.

Is the configuration correct?
Thank you for your time & bye!
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Old 11th February 2014
ibara's Avatar
ibara ibara is offline
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Head's up: popa3d was removed from base after 5.4 and will not be available in 5.5 so you may want to set everything up with something else now to make upgrading easier.
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Old 11th February 2014
wjuq wjuq is offline
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Thank you, I know, but for the moment I just wish to make the server works, so maybe in future I'll look how to fix that too.
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Old 12th February 2014
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Could you please edit the title of this question? The title is completely misleading and lead me to believe that somebody is trying to configure a genuine mail server for a domain.
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Old 12th February 2014
wjuq wjuq is offline
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Sorry, I didn't mean to write a misleading title but these settings are just what I need to solve the problem I have and really I don't know what else to call all this.
Now I learned this can't be considered a mail server. Thank you.
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fetchmail, mail server, open smtp, openbsd 5.4, popa3d

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