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Old 16th May 2017
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Default What you like about OpenBsd

One thing I especially like about OpenBsd is the packaging and installing
packages,... it is so much easier then on the ex OS,...
Just a simple "installurl", and the 'pkg_add' command.

The other thing is the size of the install image, and the fact that it comes with
just enough to have a working system, no "bloat" and tons of packages, programs,
or bloated Desktop environment, that I do not need, nor use.
The window manager it comes with is enough to get started, but I do like OpenBox , better
so that is no big deal to install,..
There is more, but for now that is all
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Old 16th May 2017
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Simple installation.
Small system. I do not want a bunch of stuff I would never use.
A system that works well and is reliable.

And I must include ease of upgrading. I held off up upgrading to 6.1, because at the moment I do not have an internet connection at home. Seeing all the changes to the system and work that needs to be done after, I thought there would be a good chance of the upgrade failing. I was afraid to do it, since reinstalling the system would mean taking the computer to work to download packages. (The connection there is very unreliable.) Today I decided what the hell, upgraded at home, then updated the packages at work. I was pleasantly surprised how smoothly the upgrade went.
OpenBSD 6.4
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Old 17th May 2017
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One word: Documentation.

This one I keep comming back to. To give an indirect example: today I was was trying to remember the opposite of 'chr' function in Python. help(chr) only described the function. I had to Google and go to https://docs.python.org/2/library/functions.html#chr to find out the answer. Why couldn't that info be put into the built-in help?

On OpenBSD by contrast, I always find myself reading man pages rather than Googling. It is so much a nicer feeling knowing that I have all the info I need in the man pages.
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Old 15th June 2017
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The best way IMHO to summarize OpenBSD is with: "It Just Works (TM)".
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Old 15th June 2017
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Small, free, functional, fast installation, a pretty good documentation, and doesn't need a super-extra powerful machine.
All the problems I encountered was Pebkac...

And a wonderful Daemonforums to help...
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Old 22nd June 2017
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I install it; I learn it; I'm done. Instead of a constantly-changing fashion statement that taxes my brain every time I upgrade, I get a command-line environment that's stable, so I can spend my energy building a skill set.

* Operating system and package system are completely separated.
* No need for a file manager; command-line utilities provide all the necessary navigational tools.
* Window manager (jwm) that can make OpenBSD look and work like my pre-OSX classic Mac (sort of)!

* Sane package management system
* No bloated Desktop environment
* Straightforward and mostly-reliable upgrade process
* Documentation
* The generosity, kindness, and knowledge of the contributers to daemonforums
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Old 7th August 2017
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Light, fast to install, fast and simple to configure (once you know how to do it), simple file hierarchy and now simpler than ever to patch with version 6.1!

I can get an FTP server, file server (SMB, AFP) or web server up and running in less than 10 min.
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Old 7th August 2017
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Its exemplary security record and the fact Optimus Technology works out-of-the-box on my W520.

It was an article I read about the upcoming introduction of KARL, or Kernel Address Randomized Link, that was the deciding factor in me building another OpenBSD box.

OpenBSD Will Get Unique Kernels on Each Reboot

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