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Old 16th February 2019
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Originally Posted by Head_on_a_Stick View Post
it's easy when you don't have any friends
Ofc you have friends...

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I am kind of surprised, no one mentioned that there is a OpenBsd group on Face Book

A few years back, before I retired and was travelling ,working but out of town , constantly, and often a long ways from home, most of the kids and adults, in my pueblo really don't know about using a PC and forums, like this one, but they are all using facebook, well here, most of the adults are computer illiterate, especially older adults, the kids show them how to use Facebook, so any way I ended up joining it as well, and I liked it, is was nice seeing familiar faces, reading about things going on on in the pueblo, etc,..Now that I am retired and at home, I use it much less, a side note:, when I started using Face Book, I found that most of my relatives, some I have not actually seen in over 50 years, all are using it, similar, none have a clue as to using technical forums, and such,...none know what USENET is, except me, I was using usenet way back, even in the mid 1980's, I don't really care much about the so called social media, I think for many, especially people that can not get out, house bound, etc, it really is important,....
I don't like Twitter, nor Linkden, at all, and the worst thing about Face Book is that it is very slow, takes forever to load, and sometimes is rather buggy,
Originally Posted by Head_on_a_Stick View Post
it's easy when you don't have any friends ---
Actually you do have friends, if you don't believe me, feel free to PM me , at any time, but any way, for me, the real social life for me is with my birds, and then the humans that are around me daily, and that I actually can touch and see, IE: wife, grand children, etc,...
My best friends are parrots
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Old 2 Weeks Ago
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I don't use Facebook.

Here is recent article about The Death of the Internet
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I don't use social medial at all.

Would these products exist and prosper if people didn't want to use them.

There are alternatives, maybe slower, maybe not as effective etc, your choice still!

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Originally Posted by frcc View Post
I don't use social medial at all.
Same. Deleted all of my other social media accounts quite some time ago. I'm 31 days clean of FB. Feels good.
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I wrote about Facebook a while ago on HN in Ask HN: Did you delete your Facebook account in 2018?; copied here for your convenience:

No. I actually created a Facebook account in 2018.

The problem is that without Facebook you will miss out. Sure, close friends and family will invite you to their social events, but more distant acquaintances will not; you know, the bloke you met at the pub last week and had a 20 minute chat with, or that cute girl you talked to but then she suddenly she was dragged off to a birthday party by her friends. By missing out on the social opportunities you lose the chance to upgrade these people from acquaintances to friends (or even lovers), as well as meet new people.

Some back story: I moved to a different country two years ago with my ex-girlfriend (for her job), and we both didn't really know anyone there. I work remote, so I don't meet a lot of people from work, either.

We broke up after a year and much to my dismay I discovered I had not really made any new friends in that year, and that I was quite ... alone. So I set out to change that. Facebook – as much as I dislike the company – was helpful. I moved to yet another country two month ago, and again Facebook has been helpful.

I dislike Facebook for all the standard reasons. I had an account but I deleted it about 5 or 6 years ago, but I decided that having a good social life was (and remains) vastly important to the quality of my life, and that Facebook is a tool to help achieve that goal.

(Facebook didn't really "delete" my old account, as after I rejoined it remembered many of my previous friends; some of whom I had no contact with outside of Facebook, like many Egyptians I was in contact with during the 2011 rebellion whom I had met through a friend and only knew through Facebook; my "suggested friends" list was full of Arabic names).

On a more deeper level, I am a little bit exasperated of always being the "different" and "difficult" person (which extends to things beyond Facebook). Standing up for your principles and "voting with your wallet" is good and all, but ... I'm not so sure it's all that effective. In this case, a more effective strategy is probably to first create a really good Facebook alternative (I'm not so sure there is one now), make sure decent privacy laws are enacted, etc.
UNIX was not designed to stop you from doing stupid things, because that would also stop you from doing clever things.
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About LinkedIn, I don't see it as a social media.
I have been using social media for "business purposes" (reaching people, promoting concerts, whatever), that was a chore too me.
I didn't use LinkedIn much back in the days but 6 months ago, I started looking for a job, a job that would provide sustainance if you will, like software dev. 3 months later, I was hired in a nice not-evil not-fucked-up software company.

So while FB NEVER provided any benefit and can die in a fire, linkedin was a different experience overall.
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Has anybody tried Mastodon?

I've noticed that lobste.rs has been pushing it lately.

Originally Posted by GarryR
Actually you do have friends, if you don't believe me, feel free to PM me
Thanks Garry, you are very kind.

I'm an antisocial bugger though, I consider a lack of friends to be a feature rather than a bug
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Mastodon is intentionally twitter-like, so there's little learning curve other than the web interface for those who are transitioning.

I've got an account on bsd.network, but am a very infrequent visitor.
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