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NetBSD Package System (pkgsrc) Installation and upgrading of packages on NetBSD.

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Old 12th October 2009
shep shep is offline
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Default pkgsrc-2009Q3

I struggled yesterday trying to install binary packages into my first working NetBSD install. I would try to install xfce4 as a meta-pkg and it would hang up after installing one or two packages. Edit: I was having the same problem as described elsewhere in this forum

Today I saw that pkgsrc-2009Q3 was out and I wonder if that somehow affected the availabilty of packages that I was trying to install (pkgsrc-2009Q2)? I reinstalled NetBSD 5.0.1 i386 today.

My goal is a light weight desktop that supports auto-generated application menus using freedesktop standards.

With that background my questions are:

1) Did the generation of pkgsrc-2009Q3 affect the availability of pkgsrc-2009Q2 binaries or was there possibly some other reason that net installs of binary packages did not work well?

2) Would the group recommend waiting for pkgsrc-2009Q3 binaries to become available (how long typically?) or start trying to grind them out from source. I'm not in a hurry to get the system built and am more concerned about getting a stable machine.

3) Any desktop suggestions? I like lxde (openbox + lxpanel) but I could not find lxpanel, fbpanel or pypanel in the packages lists? The lighter the better as long as I do not have to manually edit menu entries.

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Old 12th October 2009
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1) It shouldn't affect and probably didn't.

2) New pkgsrc branch wasn't officially announced, however it's available on ftp to download, so it can take some time. If you are really not in hurry you can go with building packages from pkgsrc tree. At least i would go that way .

3) fbpanel and pypanel are available, but in wip.
http://pkgsrc.se/ - very good package browser.

From my experience i cannot recommend anything "light" for desktop. Some time ago I used fluxbox, but now I stick with Gnome. It's much more comfortable, at least for me .

Best Regards,
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Old 13th October 2009
shep shep is offline
Real Name: Scott
Rc.conf Instructor
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Dry and Dusty
Posts: 1,184

I decided to install from source as 2009Q2 packages do not seem to load as of Oct 12, 2009.

Thanks for the link for the package browser although it was not very comforting to see that the last update to fbpanel was October 2007 and pypanel has not been touched since 2005.

I know for a fact that fbpanel 4.12 needs a patch to prevent duplicate menu entries.
openbsd fbpanel
I was the one who submitted the report to the maintainer who promptly resigned ownership.
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