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Old 18th October 2008
corey_james corey_james is offline
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i honestly cannot believe this thread is alive still :S

It seems my rant threads create a lot of traffic on these forums
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Old 8th April 2009
bigearsbilly bigearsbilly is offline
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bash --posix doesn't work
export X=y
should error in a sh script, it don't.

I had trouble with scripts for linux on Solaris.
though /bin/ksh usually does it.

I hate colours too, except in gvim.
If I didn't need to use openoffice for word docs (no, abiword doesn't work properly) and occasionally
look at youtube I wouldn't use solaris or linux at all at home.
(well maybe solaris)
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Old 9th April 2009
drhowarddrfine drhowarddrfine is offline
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Originally Posted by bigearsbilly View Post
If I didn't need to use openoffice for word docs (no, abiword doesn't work properly)
Use GoogleDocs.
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Old 9th April 2009
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Originally Posted by bigearsbilly View Post
bash --posix doesn't work
export X=y
should error in a sh script, it don't.
I don't know of any current bourne or korn based shell that doesn't allow export X=y. POSIX mode for bash deals more so with making bash mimic the standards behavior for things like output formats and file searches; then actually turning stuff off. For a long time, I wondered why everyone wrote 'FOO=bar; export FOO' when 'export FOO=bar' works everywhere. Then I tried shells/v7sh, and was enlightened.

Really if you want a truly portable sh script, you have to find a suitable LCD. Most of the fun stuff didn't exist until like System III or 4.3BSD or so, and most shells that I've seen around seems to be as good as SysV family or later. I think solaris uses a SVR4 based sh. Most of the really fun stuff was added later or pioneered by csh.

For super portability, you can't use named() { functions }, $(( arithmetic substitutions )), command aliases, shell history, directory stacks, no $( command substitutions ) instead of `back {quote,ticks,tocks,whatevers}`, more restricted here-doc, redirection, and ${ variable expansion } syntax and shell globing would basically limited to the * and ? metacharacters for most purposes. Not to mention that 'array' like data structures in portable sh scripting amounts to constructs like `for word in words ...; do something -with $word; done`
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Old 28th May 2009
evilunixuser evilunixuser is offline
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Default reversed monitor

Originally Posted by JMJ_coder View Post

C'mon - green on black!!!
I remember the days where a monitor sported yellow (gold) alpha/numberic characters (akin to my early days of using Turbo Pascal)). Also, back in the days there was a white-ish type screen and black characters would be shown.
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