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Old 6th December 2011
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Default Today's presentation will be on BSD systems.

I only have a few minutes to state why and the benefits. I'll be referencing a few tutorials and will definitely mention the stability and portability factors. Maybe someone will understand it, not sure. I'll let you know how it goes.
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Old 6th December 2011
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I just did an introduction, mentioned stability, and how it has affected other systems. People were given time to ask questions.
Anyway, thanks for reading this thread.
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Old 6th December 2011
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So how did it go? What was the reaction of the audience? Was anyone familiar with BSD or other *nix systems?
May the source be with you!
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Old 6th December 2011
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Let's see:
I mentioned no need for anti-virus and fine tuned user control. One person asked me on that;, basically, how could it not need such.
I had mentioned Orca as an example of how a BSD base system could be setup with other hardware to help people. The question that followed that was a comparison to DragonPlayer.
"Why did you pick such a topic if you knew or suspected people would not understand it?"
"Because it's something that I enjoy. I don't have to stand up here and fumble notes."

I also mentioned the BSD communities and how they are helpful from personal assistance to hardware donations.

"I don't do this for money. I do it because I enjoy it."

There were references to the networking stack that BSD created, how OSX has some BSD code, and indirect refrence to Stallman's reverse engineering of the BSD/UNIX userland, and, how other UNIX and unix-clones systems were affected by the project.

"Where do you see it going?" A viable alternative. Mentioning of the PowerPC ports and how the processor is used more now.

Described how a working system with a window and browser could run smooth with only 128M of RAM.

Someone walked out while I introduced the system. When she returned, I said, "You missed the best part."

I probably lost a lot of people because so few were willing to ask. Perhaps it was confusing. The presentation was about a minute of describing and two minutes of questions.
Yeah, a three minute limit.


An Introduction
to the
BSD family of Operating Systems

 What is it? BSD (Berkley Software Distribution)
is a UNIX based set of operating systems known for both stability and portability.

What are the advantages?
No need for anti-virus software. 
Users can be limited on permissions with a single file.
File hierarchy always follows the UNIX standard.

The basic directories are as follows:

/ (Entire file system)
/bin (System binaries)
/etc (Configuration files)
/tmp (Temporary files)
/usr (User binaries, third party software, and sources)
/var (Variables for databases, caches, and logs)
/boot (boot variables)
/home (Normal user directory)
/root (administrator directory)

What other systems have been affected by it?

Apple OSX
Linux- including Android.

What BSD systems are available?






To answer your other question: Unfortunately, no. It was like speaking English to my Paraguayan grandmother.
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