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Old 14th October 2014
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Default how to ssh througt virtualbox

I have installed NetBSD 6.1.5 into virtualbox guest OS.
The OS to support NetBSD is Solaris 11 (openindiana = OI), i want to do ssh since OI for connecting to NetBSD througt virtualbox
How to do ssh connection at guest OS ?
1/ i try to ping netBSD, no reponses.
2/ ssh return time out.
3/ i have build a second interface named "vboxnet" at virtualbox's config.

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Old 19th October 2014
gsvelto gsvelto is offline
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Originally Posted by philo_neo71 View Post
3/ i have build a second interface named "vboxnet" at virtualbox's config.
You don't need a second network interface; one is enough, just make sure you use bridged networking for your host to be able to see your guest VM. Make sure you set your virtual interface to "Bridged Adapter" in VirtualBox's configuration.
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Old 20th October 2014
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This is not a NetBSD related question please refer to VirtualBox documentation.

P.S. Depends on your VirtualBox host network setup (your local LAN setup) a guest OS can IP address as any other machine in the network if the VirtualBox settings are set to bridged mofr as long as IP addresses are available (DHCP or Static). If no IP addresses is available on LAN the VirtualBox guest should be left in the default NAT mode and you will have to do port forwarding (VirutalBox setting) and map VirtualBox host port 22 to the guest port 22 (tcp). If you want to ssh to guest as well obviously you will have to chose non default ssh port for Virtual Box guest. For example you can map port 2222 on the host to 22 on the guest.

VirtualBox documentation is really good as anything that came out of Sun Microsystems so I would suggest you read it.

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Old 25th October 2014
kpedersen kpedersen is offline
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Originally Posted by philo_neo71 View Post
How to do ssh connection at guest OS ?
At the guest OS (as in inside the guest OS?) you can connect to the host by opening a connection to (the guest always sees the host at this IP if you use NAT translation as the networking type).

Otherwise yeah as Oko said, you need to do port forwarding when using NAT to pass through the SSH port of the guest if trying to connect to it from the host.

Though in true SSH hacker spirit you could probably from the guest open up a reverse tunnel on the host connecting to the guests SSH port doing without NAT port forwarding.
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