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Old 12th August 2016
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Default OpenBSD foundation, how can it grow?

I think more people would be willing to donate to the OpenBSD foundation, if there were better transparency regarding spendings.

Take a look at : https://www.freebsdfoundation.org/wp...-Statement.pdf
Clear and to the point information about income and expense.

OpenBSD foundation, just give total income and total expense, and there is no way to tell what money is beeing spent on area.

Is the 20 000 electrical bill typical for the spending, do they heat a very large swimming pool outside in the artic?
Or was this a one time untypical event.
In FreeBSD Foundation one can read for 2015, they used close to 1400,-. for power

OpenBSD culture is about openes, because when things are hidden, they then do get more dirty. LIke openes regarding vulnerability vs keep "secret" about them.
I think openes regarding spendings would lead to redust wast of spendings, and more donations as it get clear to potential corporate sponsors or donating individual that this is a well organized organization economical, and the resent past with economical difficulties is in the past.

I am not writings this to spread negativity, I write this with the hope of improvement for the foundation. And that individuals with relevant information can post. Other with similar doubts as mine, that dont cear to post, will posible find it torugh google, and can also learn.I really have positive expectations for learning the history and "truth" about this.
I support OpenBSD as a user, and mean no offense. I have not researched this for long. I apologize for my ignorance, if all this information is easily available.

Thank you for making OpenBSD, and thank you for taking responsibility in the OpenBSD foundation.

And what is your ideas for growth?

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Old 12th August 2016
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I disagree. I find the bylaws clear and the level of activity reporting sufficient.

It is clear to me that funds are distributed by the foundation as its board sees fit, and moreover, that the funds are being used to support the Project and its members (developers). Theo is not on the board and does not have any control over its expenditures. As he is sometimes a beneficiary, this is necessary to avoid a conflict of interest.

To my understanding, the foundation was formed in order to permit donations to a not-for-profit legal entity. Many corporations who wished to make donations were unable to do so without this. Prior to the founding of the company, the project was supported primarily via CD sales and cash donations directly to Theo.

Both CDs and cash donations to Theo are funds that go directly to him, for him to use how he pleases. I understand they provide a portion of his living expenses and may also cover some Project operating expenses, because many of the Project's servers are located in his home.

The power issue that disturbs you was very public, and very real, and was due to the high cost of electricity to operate the servers then in place in Theo's home. Had the extraordinary cost not been covered by a donation, the Project would have ended. That donation was only possible via the foundation's corporate structure.


You may continue to distrust the foundation. You need not donate to it.
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Old 12th August 2016
ibara ibara is offline
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Ugh... there's a lot going on in the OP that I cannot talk about.

Yes, the FreeBSD Foundation numbers are accurate and I would never question their accounting, mostly because I know them and I know well how dedicated and serious the Foundation is in doing everything they can to ensure FreeBSD grows in size and stature and quality and serves as a model for doing things the right way in all respects (now, if you want to disagree with things being "the right way" that's a different criticism, and has nothing to do with their accounting).

But these numbers do not in any way reflect the enormous value generated by and capital expended by the incredible amounts of volunteer labor that go into the project in facets you can't even fathom.

That's all I am going to say because that's all I can say. I won't be making any more replies to this thread.
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Old 14th August 2016
bsd-keith bsd-keith is offline
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I believe that funds go where they are needed to progress OpenBSD, with priority given to security issues, that is my take on it.
Linux since 1999, & also a BSD user.
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