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Old 23rd February 2010
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Default Sound with Linux Compat

I cannot get sound to work with anything installed from the linux compatibility.


My sound works great with all native FreeBSD apps. I am using the native FreeBSD driver and am on Version 8.0 Stable. When i fire up quake4 all works well, except when choosing audio it says there is no device available.

Below are all the Linux port i have installed if it helps. Also UT2004 audio works great as long as i use the bundled openal library. Any help would be appreciated.


linux-doom3-demo-1.1.1286_2 DOOM III demo for Linux
linux-dri-7.4_1 Mesa-based DRI libraries, drivers and binaries (Linux Ubunt
linux-epsxe-1.6.0_3 A Sony Playstation emulator (Linux version)
linux-f10-alsa-lib-1.0.21_1 The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture libraries (Linux Fedo
linux-f10-arts-1.5.10 Audio system for the KDE integrated X11 desktop (Linux Fedo
linux-f10-atk-1.24.0 Accessibility Toolkit, Linux/i386 binary (Linux Fedora 10)
linux-f10-cairo-1.8.0 Vector graphics library Cairo (Linux Fedora 10)
linux-f10-curl-7.19.6 The command line tool for transferring files with URL synta
linux-f10-cyrus-sasl2-2.1.22 RFC 2222 SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer) (L
linux-f10-esound-0.2.41 RPM of esound (Linux Fedora 10)
linux-f10-expat-2.0.1 Linux/i386 binary port of Expat XML-parsing library (Linux
linux-f10-flashplugin-10.0r45 Adobe Flash Player NPAPI Plugin
linux-f10-fontconfig-2.6.0 An XML-based font configuration API for X Windows (Linux Fe
linux-f10-gtk-1.2.10 Gtk library (Linux Fedora 10)
linux-f10-gtk2-2.14.7 GTK+ library, version 2.X (Linux Fedora 10)
linux-f10-jpeg-6b RPM of the JPEG lib (Linux Fedora 10)
linux-f10-libaudiofile-0.2.6 An implementation of the Audio File Library from SGI (Linux
linux-f10-libogg-1.1.3 Ogg bitstream library (Linux Fedora 10)
linux-f10-libssh2-0.18 The library implementing the SSH2 protocol (Linux Fedora 10
linux-f10-libvorbis-1.2.0 Audio compression codec library (Linux Fedora 10)
linux-f10-mikmod-3.2.0 MikMod Sound Library (Linux Fedora 10)
linux-f10-nspr-4.7.6 Netscape Portable Runtime (Linux Fedora 10)
linux-f10-nss- Network Security Services (Linux Fedora 10)
linux-f10-openal-0.0.9 A 3D positional spatialized sound library (Linux Fedora 10)
linux-f10-openldap-2.4.12_1 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol libraries (Linux Fedo
linux-f10-openssl-0.9.8g The OpenSSL toolkit (Linux Fedora 10)
linux-f10-pango-1.22.3 The pango library (Linux Fedora 10)
linux-f10-png-1.2.37 RPM of the PNG lib (Linux Fedora 10)
linux-f10-sdl-1.2.13 Cross-platform multi-media development API (Linux Fedora 10
linux-f10-sdl_mixer-1.2.8 A sample multi-channel audio mixer library (Linux Fedora 10
linux-f10-sqlite3-3.5.9_1 The library that implements an embeddable SQL database engi
linux-f10-tiff-3.8.2 The TIFF library, Linux/i386 binary (Linux Fedora 10)
linux-f10-xorg-libs-7.4_1 Xorg libraries (Linux Fedora 10)
linux-quake4-1.4.2,1 Quake 4 for Linux
linux-worldofgoo-1.41_1 Demo version of incredible physics based puzzle/constructio
linux_base-f10-10_2 Base set of packages needed in Linux mode for i386/amd64 (L
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Old 23rd February 2010
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From memory, this was some problem more or less specific to the Quake engine and some Linux sound bug.
There is a sysctl to work around this bug, I think it was linux_mmap or something ... Try doing:
# sysctl -a | grep linux_mmap

And change the value that comes up (if any )

Hope this at least points you in the right direction.
UNIX was not designed to stop you from doing stupid things, because that would also stop you from doing clever things.
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