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Old 5th August 2009
ahlsner ahlsner is offline
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Default Install NetBSD when DesktopBSD or OpenBSD is installed


On two computers, I'Ve tried to install NetBSD
-one had OpenBSD 4.5 :sysinst sees the slice Openbsd as a /. Install aborts because sysinst sees two /, and the disklabel is incomplete(not all internal partitions). This with 5.0 and 4.0. For install NetBSD, I've deleted OpenBSD
-one with DesktopBSD : idem for 4.0 and 5.0. With 3.1, the installation is complete (also disklabel), but after next boot, DesktopBSD does not boot. It's broken.
I've not repaired DesktopBSD with its media, because I don't know the effect on NetBSD 3.1
Do you know this problem? Does the team of developpers know this?
I like conviviality, Opensource and Freedom. I would like this incompatibility resolved.
Thanks for informations and expériences0.


PS : I'm French, and my english is not good.
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Old 6th August 2009
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I just tried to recreate your multiboot problem with OpenBSD. I could not duplicate your problem:

Step 1. Start with an empty drive -- with zeroes in all sectors.

Step 2. Install OpenBSD in an MBR paritition, type A6, with an OpenBSD disklabel. Have multiple OpenBSD partitions: "a", "b", "d", etc.

Step 3. Boot the NetBSD install media, and examine the drive.

The OpenBSD MBR partition exists on the drive, correctly.
The NetBSD disklabel shows two partitions: "d", the physical drive, and "e", the OpenBSD MBR partition.

Step 4. Install NetBSD, creating a new MBR partition and NetBSD partitions within it.
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Old 6th August 2009
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Similar to jggimi, I also did not have this problem: my "other" box has both NetBSD 4.0.1 and OpenBSD 4.4 (and also Linux) all on one disk.

Re loss of DesktopBSD after NetBSD install: did you tell the NetBSD installer to put its bootblocks in the MBR? If you said "yes" to this question, that would likely be the problem as it would overwrite whatever bootloading you had there initially. For multi-booting I answer "no" to this question and use the LILO "chain" method to boot a BSD. (You will have to substitute your favourite boot utility.)
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Old 6th August 2009
ahlsner ahlsner is offline
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Hello jggimi and IdOp,

Thanks you very much. This is very nice that you have done.
I add some précision :
-on the computer with DesktopBSD, the bootloader is XOSL (eXtended Operating System Loader), in a FAT32 partition.
-for the other computer, GRUB is the bootloader
On the two computer, there are Windows, Linux, xBSD.
On the first computer, the bootloader on the / of each OS.
-on the second computer, all OS, except Mandriva, has its bootloader on its /
Mandriva has GRUB on the MBR : /dev/sda, (hd0).
GRUB starts all OS except Mandriva (of course) by "chainloader +1".
One PC is manufactured in 2002-2003.
The other (the motherboard ~2007-2008), assembled by me.
On the two computers, the Unix like OS are installed on the second drive (PATA) :/dev/sdbx or /dev/hdbx, relative to kernel version of linux
-xBSD on primaries partitions

-on the extended partitions : Linux distributions.
The only cause possible troubleshooting what I think is : "partition table in not in sequential order", (here primaries partitions) at a moment. But i've deleted and recreated them.
the optical drives are on secondary ATA.
Now, I don't see causes for this problem
I thank youy again,

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Old 6th August 2009
ahlsner ahlsner is offline
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I repeat me for to clear : all OS except Windows(!!!) and Mandriva install their bootlader on their /, never in MBR. I refuse that they modify MBR.

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