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Old 19th November 2015
srivo srivo is offline
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Default OpenBSD 5.8 Netatalk and Timemachine

Installing netatalk and configuring it for volume share and Time machine is a very easy task on OpenBSD.

Install the following package :
pkg_add netatalk
Choose Netatatalk 3.1.7 when asked which version to install. All the needed dependency will be grab automatically.

Put the following in your /etc/rc.conf.local file:
pkg_scripts=messagebus avahi_daemon netatalk
Modify the /etc/netatalk/afp.conf file:
vol preset = default_for_all_vol
hostname = openbsd
log file = /var/log/netatalk.log
mimic model = Xserver
keep sessions = yes
file perm = 0664
directory perm = 0774
cnid scheme = dbd
basedir regex = /home
time machine = yes
Start the services:
/etc/rc.d/messagebus start
/etc/rc.d/avahi_daemon start
/etc/rc.d/netatalk start
In a few minute you should see the shared folder on your Mac. You can also force it by using cmd+K and typing the network address of your OpenBSD server.

You will be able to backup you Mac using Time Machine in your personal folder on OpenBSD.

OpenBSD can transform any of your useless PC into a Timecapsule.
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Old 19th November 2015
srivo srivo is offline
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Kept to put more advance configuration.
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Old 19th November 2015
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Oko Oko is offline
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Regularly I would never dare to interfere with howto but I need to point one major problem. Namely as you
know HFS is not upper/lower case aware + plus OS X uses dirty hack which is needed for HFS which is designed for big-endian (PowerPC) to run on little-endian (Intel). I have no idea how would that tiny fact of life affect your set up but I know that my daughter can't unison her MacBook Pro neither to my OpenBSD desktop nor to our DragonFly file server without getting slue of errors.

By the way HFS also suffers serious penalty performance on multi users environments as it is really designed to read and write one file at the time but I am sure that you as an avid OS X user know that.

Last edited by Oko; 20th November 2015 at 12:07 AM.
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Old 19th November 2015
srivo srivo is offline
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Thanks Oko for those comments! Feel free to interfere, challenge is most of the time a way to learn!

I must admit I hate HFS! I would have hope Apple switch to ZFS or create a better an more robust file system!

I have been using Netatalk 3.1.7 for a month with FreeBSD and never had any issue. My Mac is backing up it's self everyday on this machine and I copy most of my big file on it! I even run Parallels VM from it!

So far my OpenBSD server hasn't showed any problem but is under less stress than my FreeBSD one! I will conduct more test and post result!
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Old 20th November 2015
kpa kpa is offline
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HFS can be used as case sensitive if you set it so at filesystem initialization, it's just not recommended on OS X because it breaks many applications.
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Old 31st January 2017
Iand Iand is offline
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Default Still works in 6.0

I'm using mostly this recipe on OpenBSD 6.0 -current, with a few details pulled in from this other post https://samuelhewitt.com/blog/2015-0...backups-how-to
I used the Samuel Hewitt version of the share, e.g., "[Time Machine]" instead of "[home]" and a separate user "timemachine" for privsep reasons. And you want netatalk-3.x; the OpenBSD port of it includes avahid support.

BTW, whenever I see a post that tells end users to install 20 compile packages and git clone and the code themselves, I do wonder how that "other" Unix-like system has survived... And I give thanks again for the BSD ports mechanism, specifically, OpenBSD packages. But I digress...

Last edited by Iand; 31st January 2017 at 02:38 AM. Reason: Clarify OS version
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Old 2 Weeks Ago
srivo srivo is offline
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Yes it was my idea also to create a separate folder to avoid cluttering the home user folder. Since my server was only acting has timemachine and database I left it that way.

About 8 years ago when I discovered BSD it tough it was a more organized way to manage an OS than Linux! And now with syspatch, OpenBSD, is even simpler than before.
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