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Old 10th August 2018
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It's hard to give more specific suggestions without knowing your setup (and going off topic). You know that best, but generally it's good to think about work-arounds and how to be resourceful in a pinch. Usually of course we only recognize these needs when it's already too late.

My LAN is mostly wired. I only turn the wireless on to transfer files to/from the tablet, which is rarely. In fact I usually don't even have the LAN switch running.

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Old 10th August 2018
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I am pretty good at drifting off topic my self, I could use a cable to connect the laptop but don't have one at this time,... so any way,...
And actually I am not sure this is even related to Iridium either, that may just be a coincidence that I happened to be using Iridium when it started happening.
I am using Iridium again now and it seems fine.
It's hard to give more specific suggestions without knowing your setup
The details on the hardware, installation are here:
A big factor, and I suspect this is the cause, seems like as long as I do not have any VM's running, everything runs fine, including the Iridium browser... But if I have a VM (QEMU) running, that is when it starts acting up. I recently increased the Ram on the VMs, and that seems to be a big factor. Never had this problem with any browsers before I increased the ram on the VM's. With the VM not running, I can not even come close to duplicating the problem,... so after all said and done, I should start a new topic
on this, if I think I need to, probably the solution is to run the VM with a lower amount of ram, or just not run it when I am online... sorry about that.
In any event , I am pretty sure the iridium browser has nothing to do with this. I shut the VM off , and everything is running smoothly, no errors in the console, etc.
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Old 10th August 2018
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Originally Posted by GarryR View Post
Thanks shep, at least that shows it is not just me,

thanks as well, I would need to boot a laptop, and see if I could get in via ssh, and the wifi,...
When the wifi is turned on I can access that was via the laptop. The thing of it is I usually have the wifi turned off, maybe I should turn it on , and have the laptop ready to try....
There is this error, that appears in the console:
error: [drm:pid99872:intel_pipe_update_start] *ERROR* Potential atomic update failure on pipe A
Also I remember another topic, where a similar error was occurring, but just now finished my chores, and still have not had breakfast,... so will look at that later,... bah, just noticed, it is after noon, and I have not had breakfast!

I have been getting that same error on my 386, but i haven't been able to figure out what causes it (not that I have really bothered much). I thought it might be the Tor browser. I don't use virtual machine and the wifi is turned off in the BIOS. According to top the error is occurring in Xorg.

55440 _x11 2 0 14M 24M sleep poll 1:12 0.63% Xorg

jggimi has some good advice here.

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Old 5 Hours Ago
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I'm posting this here as I didn't feel it warranted a separate topic and Iridium is chrome-based anyway.

Browsing ports@ I came across this message (from two months ago) highlighting the chromium build times:
In my latest bulk build, www/chromium took almost 27 hours to build.
From the start of the bulk build, it took over 5 hours before
www/chromium could be scheduled, due to the dependency chain
www/gtk+3 < x11/gnome/librsvg < lang/rust < devel/llvm.
The total bulk build time was 32 hours. Everything other than
chromium had finished after 21 hours from the start of the build.
In a follow-up he managed to reduce the build time to 9 hours tweaking the dpb options.

Even at 9 hours: ^2
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Old 4 Hours Ago
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Looks like we're getting close to the point where once software builds, it's already obsolete.
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