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Old 24th July 2019
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Default /dev/null was a regular file?

Earlier today I applied a snapshot and rebooted, then postgresql failed to start at boot. Tried starting it manually and it gave me a message about failing to write to /dev/null. So I looked, and:

# ls -AlF /dev/null                                                      
-rw-rw----  1 root  bin  -   2,   2 Jul 23 08:35 /dev/null
(I think it was owned by the bin group, I'm recreating that from memory.) So I figure, oh the world can't write to it, and I `chmod 0666 /dev/null` and fire up postgres again, no trouble. But I think to myself, wait, isn't it supposed to be some kind of device file? So then I:

# rm /dev/null
# cd /dev
# ./MAKEDEV all
# ls -AlF /dev/null
crw-rw-rw-  1 root  wheel  -   2,   2 Jul 23 09:08 /dev/null
Ah, that looks better.

After some reflection I'm a little concerned. Could something nefarious (or quite possibly, something hamfisted I did) have caused /dev/null to become a regular file?
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Old 24th July 2019
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I don't know, but this is short and the way I interpret, it should behave like a regular file:
'man null'
parrot$ man null
NULL(4) Device Drivers Manual NULL(4)

null - the null device

The null device accepts and reads data as any ordinary (and
willing) file, but throws it away. The length of the null
device is always zero.

I don't know and can not guess how your first example got that way, the second one looks the same as mine, and I have not changed anything , all though not a recent snpashot, it is a failrly recent fresh install.
parrot$ ls -AlF /dev/null
crw-rw-rw-  1 root  wheel    2,   2 Jul 23 21:08 /dev/null
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Old 24th July 2019
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Another method is to use MAKEDEV std to re-create the correct special file. See MAKEDEV(8).

I cannot tell you how you overlaid the special file.
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