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Old 8th May 2017
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Default Almost LXDE for OpenBSD 6.1

This is a spin-off of the instructions and scripts of SimpleDE which has an OS/X type interface. I initially was looking at an LXDE type desktop in OpenBSD but found lxpanel to be linux centric (pulseaudio/alsa) and beyond my capabilities to port to OpenBSD. x11/wbar was an alternative application launcher that I adopted and is now part of my work flow.

x11/tint2 has been active and has been adding panel features. This howto uses tint 0.12.2.
Using x11/yad and x11/xdotool with tint 0.12.2, one can functionally approximate lxpanel in OpenBSD.

On my Intel Atom 330 (Dual core 1.6 mHz w/ 2 GB DDR2) it idles with 104M memory useage and www/chromium runs well. If you are installing on i386 with less RAM, consider deleting chromium, libreoffice-java/libreoffice and using netsurf/abiword/gnumeric.

The following instructions and scripts will build a lightweight DE that has a similiar interface to LXDE. It does include some gui configuration tools for openbox and tint2. Obmenu is not fully functional and does not support menu icons.

x11/tint2 has added recently added buttons and executors that should provide a means to simply add additional features like networking scripts for laptops. My next OpenBSD project is to update the tint2 port to 0.14.4.

To start, download the following attachment:

If the download is named as a "php" file. Rename the file OpenBSD61_AlmostLXDE.tar.gz with
$ mv attachment.php OpenBSD61_AlmostLXDE.tar.gz

Extract with
$ tar xvzf OpenBSD61_AlmostLXDE.tar.gz

Then change into the OpenBSD61_AlmostLXDE directory and open the README with your preferred pager. The README should take you the rest of the way. If you use the default fvwm window manager, one xterm can be used for the README and a second xterm for the commands.

Here is a screenshot of the finished install

Name:  AlmostLXDE_screenshot.png
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Size:  67.2 KB

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Old 8th May 2017
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If 386BSD had been available when I started on Linux, Linux would probably never had happened." --Linus Torvald
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Old 9th May 2017
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thank you!
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