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Old 21st November 2008
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Default Wheel Can't su root

When I installed OPBSD I added a user to the wheel group during adduser - One of the things I noticed was that the user in the wheel group coudn't su root. (?)

So I run visudo and x-out # that allows "all users in group whell to run all comands" Is this the most secure way of doing things?

If I need root to use pkg_add or edit files; I su root and enter the passwd of the **user** whitout having to use the root passwd. This is a desktop system with no other users, is this the correct way?

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Old 21st November 2008
J65nko J65nko is offline
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An user in the wheel group can should be able to su - root. The password needed for this is the password of root.
You can check whether the user is really member of the wheel group
$ groups j65nko
j65nko wheel operator
For sudo the user needs to give his own password.
The advantage of sudo that the root password can be a secret known to root only.
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Old 22nd November 2008
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You can prevent *anybody* to su to root.
As the admin, you would create an user for yourself and add yourself to the wheel group (and removed unwanted users).

If group 0 (normally ``wheel'') has users listed then only those users
can su to ``root''. It is not sufficient to change a user's /etc/passwd
entry to add them to the ``wheel'' group; they must explicitly be listed
in /etc/group. If no one is in the ``wheel'' group, it is ignored, and
anyone who knows the root password is permitted to su to ``root''.
You would use sudo as it can be fine-tuned (20 pages man page) but the OpenBSD defaut /etc/sudoers is OK for most workstations: just visudo and un-comment what is needed.

Also note the difference between;
and su -l root
which simulates a full login.
You can achieve this for sudo but need to rtfm.
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