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Old 2nd February 2009
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Default FFS permission issue

I have just finished configuring my OBSD installation, dd`ed it onto the first HDD [the second one containt two partitions:

1. OpenBSD installation partition which contains few typical system slices
2. OpenBSD FFS storage partition [which is accessible from within OBSD as "wd1i"]

I was going to make wd1i writable for me [user was added to wheel and operator group], but apparently I have no luck with writing onto this partition.
I tried to change permissions, but It gave me nothing. The only thing that helped was to chown -R user /dev/wd1i.
I really want to avoid messing with /dev permissions if possible, so my question is: is it possible to let the regular user mount wd1i in a non-invasive manner?
What should I configure? and how should the /mnt dir permissions look like?

Thanks for any help
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Old 2nd February 2009
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A mount point node must be an existing directory for a mount to succeed
     (except in the special case of /, of course).  Only the superuser may
     mount file systems unless kern.usermount is nonzero (see sysctl(8)), the
     special device is readable and writeable by the user attempting the
     mount, and the mount point node is owned by the user attempting the
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Old 2nd February 2009
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Thank you for your answer.
What do you think are the best permissions for this type of dev and mnt dir?

EDIT: I did not make myself clear.
I would like to make a regular user able to write to wd1i partition, although
I don not want him to be able of mounting that particular partition.

EDIT2: OK, this issue is currently the past.
I`ve managed to solve it just by chowning mounted /mnt/wd1i/* files.
It is a perfect an non-invasive way I was willing to implement, because the unmounted mount point has typical system permissions - root/wheel.

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