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Default How to allocate partition sizes?

I'm using Vultr and running an installation through the virtual terminal, and I'm looking at the recommended partition sizes and wondering what is truly necessary, size-wise.

a:	890.7M		/
b:	1263.9M		swap
c:	25600.0M	unused
d:	1305.M		/tmp
e:	2005.8M		/var
f:	2240.7M		/usr
g:	828.4M		/usr/X11R6
h:	3246.0M		/usr/local
i:	1596.3M		/usr/src
j:	5712.5M		/usr/obj
k:	6506.4M		/home
This is for a web server, so I know I going to need more than is currently in /var and less than is in /home.

I'm just not sure what the requirements are elsewhere. The Absolute OpenBSD 2nd edition states 2GB each for /usr/src and /usr/obj. However, the book is getting a bit long in the tooth now so I don't know what it should be.

My current Ubuntu web server uses 4.7G in /var/www/, which is where everything related to served sites is located.
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If you know what you need, just delete the table & create your own - I always do - for my usage as a home user, I just need / & /home, & that is all I have.
Linux since 1999, & also a BSD user.
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Your needs will vary ofcourse. This is my "production" (it's internal use only) web server which was hosting numerous -stable builds and packages until the project starting hosting them.

This was built at 6.2 and upgraded through to 6.6

I use a standard layout 20G system drive on all my prod systems so I have room to spare on this one and a seperate data drive. (not shown is 4G of swap) Looking at actual system usage, you can get an idea of what you might really need.

Filesystem     Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/sd0a      2.0G    143M    1.7G     7%    /
/dev/sd0h      1.9G   29.9M    1.8G     2%    /home
/dev/sd0d      2.0G    6.0K    1.9G     0%    /tmp
/dev/sd0f      3.9G    991M    2.8G    26%    /usr
/dev/sd0g      2.0G    344M    1.5G    18%    /usr/local
/dev/sd0e      3.9G    2.0G    1.7G    54%    /var
/dev/sd1a     19.7G    5.7G   13.0G    31%    /var/www
Easiest for you might be to delete /usr/obj and /usr/src if you're never going to build the base system and /home, put as much as you need to /var/www and then the rest to /home.

I don't recommend one / partition as mount options are a layer of security you wouldn't be able to utilize.
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@TrondDD, this helps clears things up for me, as I'm trying to initially use OpenBSD as close as reasonably possible to what the project recommends.

I was trying to figure what /usr/obj and /usr/src are for, and after re-reading the section in Absolute OpenBSD, I see they are for building OpenBSD from source.

I then realized I don't know what is required when running an upgrade, so I spooled a 6.5 instance with Vultr, updated it, then ran an upgrade (per the 6.5 to 6.6 page). It seemed to download some large-ish files but I didn't track how large they were, but in checking the man page on sysupgrade, I could see that the files are downloaded to /home/_sysupgrade, so I figured I should leave at least a spare 1000M available there, I'm guessing?

I also put more into /home/ because I'm planning to have a basic mail server using smtpd, rspamd, and mutt.

I vaguely recall reading somewhere to leave the X stuff installed, so I opted to take it down to 600M, even though on the default Vultr-provided install it only uses ~250M.

890.7M		/
1263.9M		swap
1305.0M		/tmp
12795.4M	/var
2240.7M		/usr
600.0M		/usr/X11R6
1500.0M		/usr/local
5000.0M		/home
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TronDD TronDD is offline
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Upgrading downloads all the base tgz files from your mirror. I think ~500MB right now.

Yes, common wisdom is to install the X packages from base since ports are compiled with those libraries installed. Even if you don't use X, a package might depend on it. Java is one that used to bite me even when only running a commandline java application.
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