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NetBSD Installation and Upgrading Have trouble getting NetBSD on your toaster?

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Old 19th November 2010
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Default HP iPAQ H4155

Hello everyone.

I just stumbled upon an HP iPAQ that has no real use due to smart phones. I was wanting to mess around with putting NetBSD on it, but I don't know where to start. I couldn't find anything online to help guide me in my conquest. I've installed BSD and Linux variants on many different computers, but never on a peripheral device. If someone could point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated...

So far the only use I've gotten out of it is to doodle on the "Notes" program. I drew a pretty cool frog caricature, but that's about it. If I could get a Unix-based command line interface with accessible utilities, I might actually get some real use out of it, if not just pure enjoyment from accomplishing the task...

Also, if anyone can concoct any useful attributes of it's existing OS (Pocket PC 2003 Premium w/ Outlook 2002), that might serve as some entertainment as well. At least, if it had "Snake" I could occupy some time. I can't let this useless artifact go to waste! It must constitute some higher purpose than just a mere frog doodle!!!
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Old 19th November 2010
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Well, if it is supported.. it'll be by the NetBSD/hpcarm port.


These devices appear to use an XScale PXA255 (ARM) processor, have around >= 64M of ram.. but sometimes less.

It's pretty interesting reading about the fact that the OS used on these systems (WinCE/PocketPC/Mobile) don't fully utilize the MMU and thus an OS like BSD or Linux can be loaded and write over it in memory.

If a "console" environment is what you want, SSH/telnet clients exist for the native Microsoft OS.. alternatively find a distribution of Linux for the iPAQ/arm.

I can't guide you, or even say if the hardware is supported, but be sure to post details of your adventure.. some of us enjoy reading about it.
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Old 19th November 2010
galen galen is offline
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Awesome. Thanks! I'll start with this and see what I can get out of it. SSH/telnet is one of the objectives I wish to accomplish so I'll look into the Microsoft side as well. I'll post back with any headway I make.
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