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Old 2nd August 2021
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Default Are Python Libraries Riddled With Security Holes?

From https://developers.slashdot.org/stor...security-holes

"Almost half of the packages in the official Python Package Index (PyPI) repository have at least one security issue," reports TechRadar, citing a new analysis by Finnish researchers, which even found five packages with more than a thousand issues each..."
The article also quotes The Register, which noted that security issues also have found in other package repositories like "Maven (for Java), NuGet (for .NET), RubyGems (for Ruby), CPAN (for Perl), and CRAN (for R)."
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Old 2nd August 2021
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The headline is a sensationalist: they just let a static analyzer loose on a lot of the code and reported the warnings for that. Tou can't just say "we got this many warnings, ergo, we had this many security issues": these tools just aren't that good, as the paper itself freely admits:

there are obviously numerous false positives and negatives in the dataset. However, the paper’s large-scale approach makes it difficult to speculate about the extent of these
So basically, "we don't really know either how accurate this is".

My old Opera password reader is probably also in this dataset and labeled as "insecure" because it uses 3DES to decrypt the file. It's not insecure though.

exec() can certainly be used in insecure ways, but exec('ls') is perfectly fine, and even user input can actually be fine: typing "sudo ls" vs. "sudo <inject code>". Depending on the exact purpose of the tool it still might still be better if it's fixed, of course, but let's not get overly hysterical about it either and label it as a "highly critical RCE" problem or whatnot. Looks nice on your CV, but doesn't really reflect reality.

Labeling "try: .. except: pass" as a security issue is frankly just silly.

etc. etc. Lots of issues with this paper. It certainly doesn't support the hysterical "Python code libraries are riddled with security holes" headline from the TechRadar write-up. Of course, I have little doubt that the "journalist" in question has actually read the paper beyond the abstract.

Related: https://buttondown.email/hillelwayne...-hate-science/
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