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Default Computers and Dejavue

What does a PC and "dejavue" have in common ? In this topic :
While I was writing my reply , I got hit with a very strong felling, I guess they call it "dejavue",
Any way, some people, if not everyone , get a feeling at times, like this all has happened before, maybe in a dream or something, most people say that is "dejavue" , So what does it have to do with computers ?
I did a search, using key words: "What is dejavue", one result out of several I found interesting, https://www.newscientist.com/article...-our-memories/
part says,
But people who don’t experience déjà vu might just have better memory systems in the first place, says O’Connor. If they’re not making memory errors, there’s no trigger for déjà vu, he says.
Ok, well that makes sense to me, and computers have memory errors as well, the memory is mechanical, our memory and brain is more of a "biological" system, I mean it is organic, as opposed to mechanical.
In this case for me, I am sure, something about the problem I was discussing in the above thread, and also "shep" mentioned :
shep>>What is worse; a core dump or obliviously continuing in the face of a massive memory leak?
A explanation on my part needs to be made, particularly when I get "that feeling", that it occurred in a dream.
Years ago, close to 40+ , me and a friend were on our way home from a "night out on the town" (drinking spree), he made the comment, after swerving to avoid running over a rabbit " Man, there are a lot of rabbits in the road", Those words triggered "that feeling", but very strong , I knew this had happened in a dream I had just a few weeks earlier, and then another rabbit ran out onto the road, and my friend swerved to avoid running over it, he lost control and we went off the road , crashing into a telephone pole, and that is exactly what had occurred in the dream. So any way, ever since then, when I get a feeling it happened some where before, especially if I am sure it was a dream, I start paying attention to the events that follow.
Any way, maybe more on this later,... wife just got home, and called me ...(to be continued)
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