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Old 21st April 2010
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Default FreeBSD on the PowerMac G series.

I finally was able to get FreeBSD on my G3. The following is what I did.

You will need the following tools. A Debian install cd for the powerpc architecture. I suggest the business card iso.
Disc 1 from the current snapshot release. http://people.freebsd.org/~nwhitehor...-SNAP-powerpc/
A live powerpc disk. http://live.debian.net/cdimage/relea...t/powerpc/iso/
Some patience.
And a PowerMac.

Prepare all media.

After you burn disc1, mount the image. You will need to look in /boot for a file named boot1.hfs. Email this file to yourself. You will need it for the boot partition later.
Boot up the Powermac and enter the Open Firmware prompt. (alt +logo/opt+o+f)
0>setenv boot-device cd:(cd drive number)
Open the drive and place the Debian install cd into the drive.
Go through the steps until you arrive at the partitioning part.
Choose all of disk, all files in one partition, and enter the edit screen.
Delete the ext3 and swap.
Because the disk is read with a different geometry in Debian, you must add +10% to the value you want.

Create / with a value of 2.2G
Create a swap file with a value of 512M. If you're doing virtualization, graphics, or audio compression the value should be 786M or greater.
Create /tmp and /var with the value +10%.
Create /usr and /home plus any other directories you want.
Commit the changes and let it write them to the disc.
When the cd begins downloading the linux distribution, do a hard reboot.

Boot into the open firmware prompt. Remove the Debian cd and insert the disc1 iso.

0> mac-boot
Enter the main menu and select fixit.
Select shell.
Switch to tty4 and enter the following commands.

gpart show adX
You will notice that / is the second and not the first partition.
gpart modify -i2 -t freebsd adX
gpart modify -i3 -t freebsd-swap adX
gpart modify -iX -t freebsd adX
Do this until all partitions are UFS2.

Use disklabel to edit the partition names.
In order, mine were: /, swap, /tmp, /var, /usr, /home.

Commit changes.
Select the minimum distribution size.
Select CD as source.

Install. if you are asked about starting another shell on tty4, say yes.

Enter all information after the install is complete. Bring up the network interface. Reboot.

Enter the open firmware prompt and change to the live cd.

Let it boot.

Connect and open the email you sent yourself earlier.
Download it, close the browser, and open a terminal.

sudo -s
# ls /dev
(It should be hdc)
fdisk /dev/hdc

(The bootstrap partition should be /dev/hdc2)
#cd Desktop
#dd if=/path/to/hfsfile of=/dev/hdc2
Reboot the computer.

Login as root and add your default user to the wheel group.
Logout then back in as $USER.
Su to root.
#mkdir cdrom
Place the install cd into the drive and close it.
mount -t cd9660 -o ro /dev/acd0 cdrom/
cd 9*
sh man/install.sh
sh ports/sh
If you need to add documentation, import the files later on from freebsd.org.
cd && umount /dev/acd0

You will have a base system setup with a working mouse, ports, and a simpler booting process. From here, you can follow other documentation for tweaking your system.

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Old 3rd May 2010
Mr-Biscuit Mr-Biscuit is offline
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Here is the long winded and presumptuous version of the Howto.

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