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Other BSD and UNIX/UNIX-like Any other flavour of BSD or UNIX that does not have a section of its own.

View Poll Results: what linux distro do you use and/or like?
Redhat / Centos 23 16.20%
Suse 4 2.82%
Debian 30 21.13%
Slackware 28 19.72%
Gentoo 12 8.45%
Ubuntu 23 16.20%
Others 22 15.49%
Voters: 142. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 30th April 2017
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Wow, it's been almost 9 years since I first replied to this thread ... time flies. I'm still using Slackware. My main machines use 14.0. I've experimented with 14.1 and even made a live CD out of it. I put 14.2 on my laptop when changing it to a SSD.
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Old 1st May 2017
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I have voted Debian because that's what my family use but I have an Arch Linux system that I use for games, a task it performs admirably.

I use my OpenBSD ThinkPad X201 for anything serious though
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Old 2nd May 2017
bassocksky bassocksky is offline
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My only Linux distro I use at home is Manjaro/Arch. Main usage: running my outliners and closed source textmaker office program. All the other things are done with my OpenBSD workstation/laptops.

At work our main servers (pysical and virtual) are running Debian / FreeBSD / OpenBSD.

Debian --> systemd --> pain in the ass.

Aside this,
I'm a lucky guy...

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Old 5th May 2017
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I still use Debian 7, but not much, and when support for that runs out, maybe even sooner,
Linux will no longer be a part of my system.

I am happy with OpenBsd, have not tried any of the other BSD's since Open Bsd works fine for me.
Nothing against Linux, but I am much more comfortable with OpenBsd.

I probably will still have the current Debian stable on a VM, and the testing version on another.

My wife, and my kids computers have the MX -16 on them.
I didn't see the poll at first, but still am not voting for any, in the not to distant future , all
the computers in our family will be OpenBsd, or another BSD
My best friends are parrots

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Old 10th May 2018
BSD-user BSD-user is offline
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All GNU-*Linux are stable in the same sense more-or-less. I can never fathom the term people throw around calling their distro stable. They are are all stable. In fact the most unstable aspect of a GNU/Linux distro is the kernel itself. Linux kernel is one huge pile of bugs. Over the years they've packed in so much (useless) stuff in it that so many things can and do go wrong. The LT release receives 100+ major revisions and the timetable isn't even halfway through. I personally no longer trust the Linux kernel for its stability. Just like it was the case with Windows all those years ago there's always an aura of fear hanging around the system that it may topple over any time. At this time they have three top release revisions and they are all fairly useless. To get anything remotely stable you have to go back to release 4.9 at the most.
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Old 11th May 2018
jkl jkl is offline
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2018: After several attempts to be happy with Slackware, I am surprisingly happy with Gentoo (non-GNU Linux, by the way) now.
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Old 11th May 2018
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I've been using AntiX (Debian based/no systemd) for years now, (before that, I was a Debian user), the kernel has got quite big in that time, but I see they are going to be stripping out unused bits of it soon, if not already done.

I've not had any trouble with it that wasn't of my own making, it gets as fully tested as it can be before release, which is more than can be said for some of the major distros.

As an aside, I had my first bit of trouble with OBSD the other day, my laptop kept going around in circles trying to boot(!?). But it's quite an old one, so I put it down to the laptop, as I've never had any problems with OBSD that weren't of my own making either.
Linux since 1999, & also a BSD user.
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Old 11th May 2018
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Originally Posted by BSD-user View Post
All GNU-*Linux are stable in the same sense more-or-less. I can never fathom the term people throw around calling their distro stable
What is definition of stable? Does robust update and upgrade procedure count? In that case IMHO some distributions are clearly more stable than another.
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Old 11th May 2018
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Stable should refer to the API and/or ABI.

It has been misappropriated by Linux users as a synonym for "stuff doesn't break/crash".
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Old 4 Weeks Ago
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Originally Posted by cynwulf View Post
Stable should refer to the API and/or ABI.

It has been misappropriated by Linux users as a synonym for "stuff doesn't break/crash".
Good point. No wonder we keep seeing new functionality and new bugs being added to the Linux kernel well after a release is supposed to have matured.
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Old 3 Weeks Ago
Prevet Prevet is offline
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I started using Devuan on an old Intel laptop from 2004 or 2005, but don't feel in full control or safe using it. So today is the day I will finally move this laptop over to OpenBSD. I have a modern powerful machine with Intel, OpenBSD and Windows 7 on it, but I don't trust Intel any more so it sits off line.

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Old 3 Weeks Ago
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I use Linux on my Raspberry Pi cause I cannot install OpenBSD...
Triple boot :
  • Raspbian for the net & office works,
  • LibreELEC for the medias,
  • RetroPie for fun
The secret of wisdom is not wisdom itself, it's the road that leads us there.
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Old 3 Weeks Ago
Funkygoby Funkygoby is offline
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From Etch (~2007) to Wheezy (~2017) it has been my trustworthy OS after years of Windows debacle.
With Wheezy end-of-life looming, I have "OS-hoped" between Debian and FreeBSD/OpenBSD and settled on the later 1 year ago.

Nowadays, I keep Debian stretch/stable on a spare laptop for android development. I seldom use it though.

For everything else, OpenBSD is my main OS.
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