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Old 18th October 2009
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Default FreeBSD 6.3 EOL

From the announce@ list:

On January 31st, FreeBSD 6.3 will reach its End of Life and will no longer be
supported by the FreeBSD Security Team.  Users of this release are strongly
encouraged to upgrade to a newer release before that date -- more conservative
users will probably wish to upgrade to FreeBSD 6.4 or FreeBSD 7.1 (which are
both extended-support branches), while others will probably wish to upgrade to
FreeBSD 7.2 or the upcoming FreeBSD 8.0.

The freebsd-update(8) utility can be used to upgrade i386 and amd64 systems
from 6.3-RELEASE (or 6.3-RELEASE-pX for some X) to 6.4-RELEASE using binary
updates (i.e., without compiling from source) as described in the 6.4-RELEASE
announcement; given an adequate internet connection, this process usually takes
15 minutes or less.
And it has a pretty ASCII table too:

The current supported branches and expected EoL dates are:

   |  Branch   |  Release   |  Type  |   Release date  |  Estimated EoL  |
   |RELENG_6   |n/a         |n/a     |n/a              |November 30, 2010|
   |RELENG_6_3 |6.3-RELEASE |Extended|January 18, 2008 |January 31, 2010 |
   |RELENG_6_4 |6.4-RELEASE |Extended|November 18, 2008|November 30, 2010|
   |RELENG_7   |n/a         |n/a     |n/a              |last release + 2y|
   |RELENG_7_1 |7.1-RELEASE |Extended|January 4, 2009  |January 31, 2011 |
   |RELENG_7_2 |7.2-RELEASE |Normal  |May 4, 2009      |May 31, 2010     |
When FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE is released, it will receive "Normal" support, i.e., it
will be supported for at least 12 months.
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