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Originally Posted by IdOp View Post
But what exactly does that mean?
Good question

Originally Posted by IdOp View Post
Have they been inactive too long?
Apparently not, harisman is inactive for 8 years, not in red...
The secret of wisdom is not wisdom itself, it's the road that leads us there.
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Originally Posted by LeFrettchen View Post
Apparently not, harisman is inactive for 8 years, not in red...
Good point!

EDIT: Question kindly answered in this thread.

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Originally Posted by thedirtyvms View Post
I can't understand why is incorrect say Distribution since theorically I can say:

I'm using the Net Berkeley Software Distribution.

And for some unix-like users is wrong if I say:

I'm using the NetBSD distribution {or NetBSDistribution}
There is nothing wrong with the word "distribution", but there is something wrong (and factually incorrect) with the idea that there are "BSD distributions" - in the Linux sense - which is a common, perpetuated myth, which shows no sign of going away.

In Linux terms, "distribution" means that there is one lot of ("upstream") software being "distributed" by different means and/or different distributors, but still basically the same software. When you consider that the main differences between most Linux distributions is the package management tools (themselves a means of "distribution"), this does make sense. In fact, it seems that in Linux land you can "distribute" an existing distribution with a different logo, desktop, wallpapers, etc and call that a "distribution". Linux has "distributions" because they are distributing Linux (or GNU/Linux if you prefer) and there are hundreds (thousands?) of distributions.

When it comes to the operating systems derived from 386BSD/4.3BSD/4.4BSD-lite/-lite 2, etc ("BSD"), these are not purely "distribution" efforts, they are actually independent OS development efforts. Each OS handles it's own development and "distribution".

Reducing the efforts, spanning around three decades, of these software developers to "distributors", via a handful of ill-informed comments, is why the phrase "ignorant" tends to pop up in these threads...

Some further reading:


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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
I have a Ph.D. in mathematics
Very cool. I have a BA in Psychology/Philosophy, and I also have a professional teaching certificate. I am a retired elementary school teacher who taught in the public school system for 32 years, grades 3-8. I retired in January 2016.
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I am an enigma, forever shrouded in a cloak of mystery.
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and I am a banana!

- great discussion though, I've read it all and really liked some arguments and explanations. Thanks!
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I have a PH.d in "Learning the hard way", from the "School of Hard Knocks",
Before I retired, I cut and shaped rocks, and there is a difference between that,
and just breaking stones,... I am/was a stone Cutter, not a " stone breaker ", all though
I did start out just breaking stones, and drilling holes in them for the explosives in the mines.
But any way, I do find it irritating when I see / read comments like " With Linux I did it this way, Why doesn't it work on OpenBsd ? ",.... honestly, Logic would tell some one Open Bsd is
not Linux, so why would any one expect it to work the same ? The same when Windows user say, "ON Windows it works, Why doesn't it work on Linux ?", "Duh,I donknow, maybe because Linux is not windows ",...
I have not seen or heard of any OpenBsd distros,... then there are other BSD releases, but I have never thought of them as a Distro, distribution , as in Linus's Linux Distros,... I have stopped using Linux Distros, because in their efforts to attract the MS Windows users, they have become very similar to the same OS they tried to move away from. ...
My best friends are parrots
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Originally Posted by GarryR View Post
I have not seen or heard of any OpenBsd distros,...
That's because outside the FreeBSD world (which adopts a lot of bad behavior from the Linux world ) very few people think that having two independently maintained BSDs with an identical kernel would be a good idea.
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