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Old 1st April 2010
pico pico is offline
Real Name: Pico
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Default Bewan ADSL modem bewan adsl pci

I wondered if anyone had installed a bewan adsl pci card on openbsd

ADSL Bewan PCI ST A888-5 PCI Card UK

It would be handy to know as I have a couple knocking around and if I could get rid of my hgv2700 bt router and connect to the adsl line direct via the bewan that would be great. I think BT ue pppoa to connect.

If anyone out there has experience with connecting to BT's adsl system It would be really useful information for myself and I suspect others.


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Old 1st April 2010
ocicat ocicat is offline
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Originally Posted by pico View Post
I wondered if anyone had installed a bewan adsl pci card on openbsd
Others may answer, but when confronted with hardware compatibility or configuration problems, the best first step is to search OpenBSD's misc@ mailing list archives for very current information. A number of archive sites exist as described in the following:


...but a favorite amongst many developers & a number of regulars here is http://marc.info/.

In particular, you may find something useful in the following search:


<opinion over-generalization="vast">

Many here will also state that searching on Google is a necessary first step. I disagree. Much of what is found out in the wild in regards to OpenBSD is very old, very out-of-date, & either no longer applies, or simply answered the original author's question, & cannot be used as a generalized solution to broader questions. The bottom line is that the definitive sources of information for the OpenBSD community are (ranked in order of importance):
  1. The manpages.
  2. Information found on the project's Website (including the FAQ).
  3. Information found on the official mailing lists may be the most current & authoritative if uttered by project developers. It takes time to learn who to trust, but it's a skill worth developing.
  4. Outside sources (including this site).

All of us search on Google, but when it comes to OpenBSD-related issues, maintaining skepticism about the accuracy & applicability of information found to current versions must stick in our minds.
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Old 2nd April 2010
pico pico is offline
Real Name: Pico
Complete openbsd beginner
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: Scotland
Posts: 19

Thanks ocicat.

mac.info contains shed loads of information. Speaking about sheds I'm off to tend to the veggies

I may ditch the bewan, from reading around they don't seem that reliable and prone to dropouts. I had one in a smoothwall box once and it did indeed drop out from time to time but I thought it was software rather than hardware related.

I may look into something else. Thanks again.

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