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Old 4th July 2011
sharris sharris is offline
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Default FBSD installer took away all control ...

... like Windows or should I pretend to be happy. I just downloaded 9.0 AGAIN about three weeks ago and it only had the January version as usual... now I find this:


How to install fbsd 9.0
and /tmp is still in there to fill up your HDD a difference way, so ...

It seem the new FreeBSD installer force the use of zfs in FBSD 9.0 . I hope this is not true but that's what I got I think. Now I wonder do this mean that Qjail will not work for FBSD-9.0. For the past few days, I left no stone un-turn. I read all, I mean ALL I could find about Qjail and today I just found, downloaded and installed FBSD-9.0 (May 12, 2011) on a test machine. It look sick to me. I think this is zfs so this may be right up the desktop people alley for what I read about zfs. I think FBSD gave-in and using the PcBSD way of doing things. I guest after all the years of people complaining about the old installers .... now look what you get.

# df -m
/dev/ada0a 29748 1294 26074 5% /
dev 0 0 0 /dev
no hint or clue of anything else inside.

I also read a thread at the qJail Mail-List from last JULY where someone indicated that Qjail do not/did not support zfs.

just like I just said in post #3 ... by time I get there it be history.

I give up.

After thinking a bit, if UFS install don't work, I'm sure they will fix it by production. If UFS does work I think this version would make way for perfect qjails with the new .sujournal and all. Its a 32MB file.

Anyway, also it throws your HDD out of wack. Under Partition Commander you can see it mark the Primary as "Damaged". This is ny 3rd try and I still found no way to format as UFS. And it destroyed the ready-made one I gave it the first time. I think Qjail said you have to use the same version for Jail that is running on your machine. If so, that may be the next show stopper

I had to try one more time and when I gave it a ready-made 30GB UFS again this time I did it manually and it went farther this time... it started installing but now it gave me this error:

Extract Error:
Error while extracting base .txz:
Can't set user=0/group for var/emptyCan't 
update time for var/empty.
... Maybe they will find this someday. I don't think me joining a mail-list is going to help anything. Who listens to noobs.

just one more time: this time I took the guide and it selected the 2nd 30GB UFS but it is now 42GB... That is not what I wrote with P.Commander. It was 30GB, 30GB and 15GB. What happen was, FreeBSD skipped the first one and took the 2nd one and added the 3rd one to it AND made a 2.5GB swap and added the balance of primary-3 12GB out of 15 to Primary-2. That is DIRTY computing, PERIOD. You don't take partitons away and ask nothing about it.

Anyway it did a complete install. After reboot, it FROZE at "Loading Operating System"

This tells me that zfs is enforced or you got to use the entire HDD or it just don't like sharris anymore, or it never did because I'm the one who told you all how to have more than one FBSD installed on your HDD. Sharris give-it, FreeBSD (may have) took it away. They were in the cut, listening all along. heehee One thing for sure, with-out SLICES you loss two or more PRIMARYS and you only have three ... that would be four when they take away your extented like Windows once dream of.

By time you got to Geogia, she was gone!

Hope you have better luck

Last edited by sharris; 4th July 2011 at 07:01 PM.
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