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Old 31st March 2018
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Default Updating the ports tree for a new version of OpenBSD

After upgrading the system to a new version of OpenBSD, do most people delete the old ports tree and checkout a new one?

Supposing I have the 6.2 tree currently. Can I just update the current tree with a new tag like:
cvs -q up -Pd -rOPENBSD_6_3
Or do I need to check out the new version first?

What is the most bandwidth friendly way to handle this?
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Old 1st April 2018
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Does this answer your question ?
Updating an existing tree
If you are following -current:

$ cd /usr/src
$ cvs -q up -Pd -A

If you are following the 6.2 -stable branch:

$ cd /usr/src
$ cvs -q up -Pd -rOPENBSD_6_2

Every time you run this, cvs(1) synchronizes your /usr/src tree. It does not destroy any of your local changes; rather it attempts to merge changes in.
Seems clear enough to me :
""If you are following the 6.2 -stable branch:"" Or what ever branch you are following.IE: "If your following current"

For a lot of details on OpenBsd Ports

The best place to start though , is here: https://www.openbsd.org/faq/ports/ports.html
The ports tree is meant for advanced users. Everyone is encouraged to use the pre-compiled binary packages. If you have questions about the ports tree, it is assumed that you have read the manual pages and this FAQ, and that you are able to work with it.
Also there is a lot of info in :“man cvs” and “man ports” if you’re interested in learning more.
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Old 1st April 2018
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Thank you for responding, your answer inspired me to do a little more poking around and now I think I understand.

I can just update the ports tree using the branch tag I am moving to.

In case others stumble on this post, this link explains it a little more clearly, under the "Accessing Branches" header:


Accessing branches

You can retrieve a branch in one of two ways: by checking it out fresh from the repository, or by switching an existing working copy over to the branch.

To check out a branch from the repository, invoke `checkout' with the `-r' flag, followed by the tag name of the branch (see section Creating a branch):

$ cvs checkout -r rel-1-0-patches tc

Or, if you already have a working copy, you can switch it to a given branch with `update -r':

$ cvs update -r rel-1-0-patches tc

or equivalently:

$ cd tc
$ cvs update -r rel-1-0-patches

It does not matter if the working copy was originally on the main trunk or on some other branch -- the above command will switch it to the named branch. And similarly to a regular `update' command, `update -r' merges any changes you have made, notifying you of conflicts where they occur.

Once you have a working copy tied to a particular branch, it remains there until you tell it otherwise. This means that changes checked in from the working copy will add new revisions on that branch, while leaving the main trunk and other branches unaffected.

To find out what branch a working copy is on, you can use the `status' command. In its output, look for the field named `Sticky tag' (see section Sticky tags) -- that's CVS's way of telling you the branch, if any, of the current working files:
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