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Old 15th March 2012
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Question How to build upgt firmware

I think I just need to know how to build the upgt firmware. I'm not finding anything anywhere on this, except my own posts from release 8.2!

upgt is a wireless usb stick driver and as of release 9.0 is now included loaded in the GENERIC kernel, but it requires firmware.

The firmware is available from a location but it seems to be broken: the filename for the firmware is sometimes called
and sometimes called
. Spot the difference?

Moreover, inspecting the contents it is internally inconsistent, and also specifies the wrong total size in bytes.

I unpacked it, re-packed it with consistent name, and adjusted the checksum to match and tried a manual make. It then goes and tries to install a file that's just not present in the zip.

Also, wierdly, making the build attempts to retrieve itself from
and if not found or checksum fails attempts to retrieve self from network. So you have to provide the zip in distfiles when you run the build!

Are there TWO files, one called firmware and one called fw? Or is it completely broken? How are you supposed to build this? Can anyone help? Thanks very much.
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Old 15th March 2012
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upgt-firmware- is the port, and upgt-fw- is the distfile for the port (i.e. the source).

utgp(4) lists the following URL on FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE:

The manapage incorrectly says this is a package to be added with pkg_add, this is not true, this is a port, so you'll need to extract & build it, which seems to work fine for me.

[~]# fetch http://weongyo.org/project/upgt/upgt-firmware-
upgt-firmware-                 100% of 1345  B 2128 kBps

[~]# tar xf upgt-firmware- 

[~]# cd upgt-firmware-

[~/upgt-firmware-]# make
===>  Vulnerability check disabled, database not found
===>  License check disabled, port has not defined LICENSE
===>  Extracting for upgt-firmware-kmod-
=> SHA256 Checksum OK for upgt-fw-
===>  Patching for upgt-firmware-kmod-
===>  Configuring for upgt-firmware-kmod-
===>  Building for upgt-firmware-kmod-
[...output snipped...]
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Old 20th March 2012
AnilG AnilG is offline
Real Name: Anil Gee
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Location: Sydney Australia
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Thanks Carpetsmoker. I see that there are two files now. However, my build looks for fw and since it's not there tries to download but there's no network, that's why I need it. Catch 22.
So I:
Put the fw zip in /usr/ports/distfiles
Put the other zip, probably anywhere, but I unpacked it in /usr/src/sys/modules/usb/upgtfw/
Then in that directory, "make" and "make install".
Since in release 9.0 everything else is pre-loaded in kernel I'd like to do the same with upgtfw but "device upgtfw" is rejected in the kernel conf file. There are other "device ****fw" lines but it doesn't work in this case.
So to load it dynamically at boot use /boot/loader.conf and add this line: upgtfw_load="YES"
Then reboot. USB wireless stick should be recognised properly.
Now you can use what you paid for.
Thanks to all those that made this possible.
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