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FreeBSD Ports and Packages Installation and upgrading of ports and packages on FreeBSD.

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Old 12th September 2013
jb_daefo jb_daefo is offline
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Wink /pkg/ question, also a *very* useful one-liner

#/# find /var/db/pkg -type d -name "p5*" | xargs -J % find -type f -name "+CONTENTS" -exec grep -H "5.12" {} \; | grep pm | head -40 | gtr -s \/ "\n" | grep p5 | sort | uniq | xargs -J % portmaster -d -B -P -i -g % && yell || yell
That code, incrementing the '-40' each time, made for the easiest upgrade of most of the ports depending upon perl (after updating perl itself) than any other perl upgrade I recall doing. I'm very concerned that its /pkg/ equivalent might not work the same or as well... If anyone using /pkg/ can report back an equivalent CLI and as to whether it works as easily, it would be appreciated. [As an aside, persons may wish to install 'gtr' (coreutils) to implement the long command fully...]
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Old 22nd September 2013
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A good one for this website: http://www.commandlinefu.com/
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Old 20th October 2013
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The first bit can be simplified to grep -H '5\.12' /var/db/pkg/p5-*/+CONTENTS

sort | uniq is the same as sort -u
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Old 21st October 2013
jb_daefo jb_daefo is offline
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Not to change the topic too much, but this post is similar.

I wanted a way to check if the ports that weren't building here, yet, were packages upstream. Yesterday I found an older perl script onhand that I used just a part of. Still very beta in the first usage (below) vs the second.
I'm still a very novice perl programmer, working from others' scripts mostly.

#!/usr/local/bin/perl --q

# usage: cat pkg_version.log  | grep -v zsh |grep -v (succ , fail, nvi, ) | xargs -J % % perl pl_pp.pl %
# ... sort of buggy. Halts often

# 2nd usage: perl pl_pp.pl www/libxul www/firefox devel/boost-libs  

use strict;
use warnings;
use diagnostics;
Main( @ARGV );
exit( 0 );
sub Main {
	for my $bsdport ( @_ ) {
		system(" portmaster -PP  $bsdport " ) or die $!;
	   #	Fudge ( $dir, glob '*' );
sub Fudge {
# some code I removed from the upstream code from perlmonks.org 
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one-liner, perl, pkg

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