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Old 3rd September 2016
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Default NetBSD questions

Here's an audio question:

1) I use NetBSD for audio players (Ogg123, etc) all the time. Works great. What's the secret to getting audio capture going? I have a CMedia chipset USB Audio dongle, which I use for playing Ogg tunes. I set the audio params with something like:

audioctl -d /dev/audio1 -w play=44100,2,16,slinear_le #for play

audioctl -d /dev/audio1 -w record=44100,1,16,slinear_le #for capture
The system remembers the play settings, but forgets the capture settings.


audioctl -d /dev/audio1 -a
shows new settings in play mode, but in capture mode everything remains set to the original defaults (8k sample rate, for instance).

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Old 10th September 2016
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The USB audio device is:

idVendor: 0x0d8c C-Media Electronics, Inc
idProduct:0x000c Audio headset
line-input: (L-R)
line-output (L-R)
microphone input (mono)

This works very well for output on NetBSD (what most people probably really use it for), but for my app I need input as well. I posted a bug to NetBSD's Send-PR page a week or so ago, but no response has been received yet. I imagine they have other fish to fry :-) .

But, at least I've put the particulars here so that someone may eventually run across it.
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Old 22nd May 2017
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I have the same "issue" than you when I was trying to record my desktop sounds on NetBSD. It works but I never succeed to change the channels from 1 to 2, it won't change so in my videos, I had to record in mono to avoid hearing only from one ear when listening what I recorded but then it means no stereo in the videos...
I have no idea if it is a bug or if it is NetBSD that only think my sound card can only record in mono or anything else... But I have the same issue than you. I discussed a bit about it to #netbsd but no one knows.
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Old 23rd May 2017
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My understanding is that this is not just a hardware/sound driver issue - an audio server is needed. From sndio(7) on OpenBSD:
The sndio audio and MIDI system provides access to audio and MIDI
     hardware and to services provided by sndiod(8), summarized below.

     Hardware audio(4) devices correspond to peripherals.  Only one
     application may use any device at a given time.  Generally a limited
     number of encodings, sample rates and channel numbers are supported by
     the hardware, which may not meet the requirements of audio programs.

     To overcome hardware limitations and to allow multiple applications to
     share the hardware, sndiod(8) can be used.  It exposes one or more
     software sub-devices backed by the underlying hardware, while doing all
     necessary conversions on the fly.  It can mix multiple streams or split
     the hardware into multiple sub-devices, to allow programs to use the
     hardware concurrently.
NetBSD offers multiple sound servers/sound processors including pulseaudio, gstreamer, esound and sndio.
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Old 8th June 2017
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Real Name: Scott
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In the works for NetBSD 8

At this point, we would love for folks to test out netbsd-8 and let us
know how it goes. A couple of major improvements since 7.0 are the
addition of USB 3 support and an overhaul of the audio subsystem,
including an in-kernel mixer. Feedback about these areas is
particularly desired.
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Old 11th June 2017
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The task of the kernel mixer is to mix different sound outputs to one stream. No blocking when Firefox und XMMS require the audio interface. This has nothing to do with saving setting.
NetBSD 8.99.25(AMD64)@Xiaomi Air 1.Gen
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