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Old 29th August 2015
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Default how to use gpart commit on ARM V7

only FreeBSD-11.0-CURRENT-arm-armv6-RPI2-20150826-r287169.img run !
I use with dd bs=1M if=FreeBSD-11.0-CURRENT-arm-armv6-RPI2-20150826-r287169.img of=/dev/da0, where /dev/da0 is my Micro SDcard with support SDcard USB connected at computer with FreeBSD 10.2.
The system boot but it's stop at this line <use gpart commit 'mmcsd0s2' to save change or 'gpart undo mmcsd0s2' to revert them.>.
I see well there operation do with gpart but i not sure to use the good parametres with gpart.
i try gpart commit da0 >> gpart: Operation not permitted

this is my output !
root@sta-viper:~ # gpart show da0
=>       63  131071937  da0  MBR  (63G)
         63     102375    1  !12  [active]  (50M)
     102438    1994714    2  freebsd  (974M)
    2097152  128974848       - free -  (62G)

root@sta-viper:~ # gpart commit mmcsd0s2
gpart: arg0 'mmcsd0s2': Invalid argument
root@sta-viper:~ # gpart commit da0
gpart: Operation not permitted
root@sta-viper:~ #

How can i do with gpart ?

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Old 4th December 2015
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I posted a message on your second thread concerning this subject:


I note that some of the older FreeBSD images that are lying around various places are using an older u-boot executable that doesn't have the new cmd: bootelf. This is probably true of the August image you reference, but I'm not sure. The kernel is an elf-32, in most cases. The bootelf cmd makes the configuration less complicated (at least I think so). What you could do would be to build your own image, using the latest u-boot executable, or just use an OS image that already has it. The NAS4Free images all use the newer u-boot executable, and there are images for rpi, rpi2, and odroid. I've detailed this more verbosely on your other thread (mentioned above). FWIW, I have no affiliation with that project.

Note also I'm not personally vouching for those image's reliabiltiy or security facets. They seem pretty good, based on only a little usage. "Caveat emptor" always applies with all things, regardless of what project we're talking about.

- Ron

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