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Old 16th October 2012
daneric daneric is offline
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Default Filesystem /var "stuck" at 105% full

For reasons I haven't figured out yet, X is making a massive log file in /var/log (Xorg.0.log) that quickly fills up whatever filesystem it's mounted on. The temporary workaround is theoretically deleting this log file to free up space... however, when I do this, the filesystem still says it's full!

Is there a 'recycle bin' feature I might be missing?

I'm giving OpenBSD a go courtesy a LiveCD (MarBSD).

Here's the outputs of df and mount for reference:
$ df -h
Filesystem     Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
root_device    660M    660M      0B   100%    /
mfs:3019       7.7M    114K    7.2M     2%    /tmp
mfs:27037     63.2M   63.2M   -3.2M   105%    /var
mfs:28467      9.3M    6.0M    2.8M    68%    /etc
mfs:9803      15.0M   11.0K   14.3M     0%    /root
mfs:22785      2.3M   32.0K    2.1M     1%    /dev
mfs:29244     25.2M   23.3M    633K    97%    /binmfs
mfs:7970       326M    226M   83.8M    73%    /usr/local
mfs:21696     96.8M   72.0M   19.9M    78%    /home

$ mount
root_device on / type cd9660 (local, read-only)
mfs:3019 on /tmp type mfs (asynchronous, local, size=16384 512-blocks)
mfs:27037 on /var type mfs (asynchronous, local, size=135000 512-blocks)
mfs:28467 on /etc type mfs (asynchronous, local, size=20000 512-blocks)
mfs:9803 on /root type mfs (asynchronous, local, size=32000 512-blocks)
mfs:22785 on /dev type mfs (asynchronous, local, size=5200 512-blocks)
mfs:29244 on /binmfs type mfs (asynchronous, local, size=54000 512-blocks)
mfs:7970 on /usr/local type mfs (asynchronous, local, size=691200 512-blocks)
mfs:21696 on /home type mfs (asynchronous, local, size=204800 512-blocks)

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Old 17th October 2012
J65nko J65nko is offline
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This is the first time I heard about MarBSD. Initially I thought you made a typo and meant MirBSD

I have no idea why X keeps adding entries to /var/log/Xorg.0.log.. Maybe you could contact the MarBSD liveCD creator and report the issue to him.

Alternatively you could try the LiveCD of of our forum member jggimi. Be aware that this CD is based in OpenBSD 5.0, while OpenBSD 5.2 is about to be released on November 1st.
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Old 18th October 2012
comet--berkeley comet--berkeley is offline
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The /var/log filesystem is probably filling up because some process is writing log entries over and over and over.

This can happen not only on OpenBSD but on any BSD or Linux or Unix like system.

Look at the /var directory and try to figure out what is being written:

cd /var
ls -altr

cd /var/log
ls -altr

The use something like the "tail" command to look at the end of the log files that are, for example to look at the last lines of the messages file:

cd /var/log
tail messages
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