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Old 8th August 2008
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Default Collect visited sites


Is there any way to collect the most visited sites by users? I think I could write some script to analyze tcpdump output, but maybe there are any ready to go tools?

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Old 8th August 2008
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Can you be a little more specific? What OS/version? Are you acting as a gateway? A squid proxy?
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Old 8th August 2008
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not very scientific but maybe:

# --ephemera

open TDMP, "tcpdump -lnni $netif 'dst port 53' |" or die "$!\n";
while(<TDMP>) {
	if (/ A\? ([A-z](?:[\w-]+\.)+[\w-]+[\w])\. /) {
		if (time - $t >= $updateSecs) {
			$t = time;
			print "\nTop $nsites sites as of ", scalar localtime $t, ":\n\n";
			@s = sort {$m{$b} <=> $m{$a}} keys %m;
			for (0..$nsites-1) { print "\t",$_+1,". $s[$_]\n";}

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Old 8th August 2008
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If you use BASE with Snort, you can have snort filter specifically for web traffic, then BASE can automatically and nicely sort the address hits. And since BASE is a web app, it's actually pretty easy to use.
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