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Old 12th June 2010
maxleonca maxleonca is offline
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Default Basic NAT trouble for a newbie

Hello everyone,
I'm a Linux user that believes that Linux has become a very configurable brick, but a brick no less.
And searching around I found NetBSD which seems to be way lighter, faster, secure and reliable than Linux but is harder to make the jump that I expected.

I have a K6-2 with 128 RAM that I want to convert to be a home gateway (it works OK with Slackware), now I've installed NetBSD 5.0.2 and installed all the software I needed, well almost.
What is killing me is that the simple stuff seems to be not so simple.
I follow the basics on www dot netbs dot org and still I cannot manage to get the NAT rules straight.

Here they is the problem.
I have two interfaces:
  1. ex0 which is on DHCP from the ISP
  2. vr0 which has an static IP for my home lan

My /etc/ipf.conf looks like this:
pass in from any to any
pass out from any to any
and my /etc/ipnat.conf is this:
map vr0 -> 0/32 proxy port ftp ftp/tcp
map vr0 -> 0/32 portmap 10000:20000
map vr0 -> 0/32
But this locks up the box from the net point of view

No please correct me if I'm wrong, but the way I read them is this:

Forward any traffic from any host to any host and forward any traffic from any host to any host.

Grab all subnet requests to the other ip/nic (ex0).

Ohh, I also enabled ip forwarding on /etc/sysctl.conf adding ip.inet.ip.forwarding=1, which is reflected on the output of sysctl -a

I have another mayor problem and is that dnsmasq is not respondig DHCP requests that I can see on tcpdump comming in, but not sure if it might be related. I think not since DHCP on vr0 should answer the requests anyway.

Thanks so much for the help in advanced.
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Old 13th June 2010
J65nko J65nko is offline
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Since the popularity of pf, the OpenBSD packet filter, which runs on all BSDs, hardly anyone uses ipf anymore and thus hardly anyone remembers how that worked

With pf, your ruleset would be something like
EXT_IF = ex0 
INT_IF = vr0

nat on $EXT_IF from $INT_IF:network to any -> $EXT_IF

# --- default policy
block log all

pass out quick on $EXT_IF
pass in  quick on $INT_IF
You don't need to be a genius to debug a pf.conf firewall ruleset, you just need the guts to run tcpdump
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Old 17th June 2010
maxleonca maxleonca is offline
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Hi J65nko,

Thanks for the tip, I follow your example and red a bit about pf, but as strange as it sounds the when I run pf (loading lmk) the machine lock's up both interfaces, so I'm still looking into it.

I'll let you know what I find out.
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