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Old 2nd November 2010
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Default No wonder CompSci grads are unemployed (UK)

From http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/11...d_more_skills/

Opinion: Recently a director at a huge bank asked me “Do British students learn algorithms?”

At first I thought he was joking, but even though he was paying three times what the average new grad gets paid, he felt despair. Because of similar experiences I was surprised to read that only 17 per cent of CompSci grads from last year haven’t got a job yet.

Many are Java programmers. OK, I’m no fanboi, but many seem to know no other language, with bog standard languages like SQL, VB, Perl, et al being alien to them. I’m an old git, but still value leading edge stuff such as F# and CUDA, which show you are able to do stuff that others can’t. I am uniformly disappointed.

Yes there are many people doing Java, but that is of almost no importance. What matters is the number of jobs per person chasing them, and that has an awful ratio. Everyone in India, from waiters to religious gurus, knows Java, and so do all recent western CompSci grads. That is the supply/demand ratio from hell, and it’s getting worse.
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Old 2nd November 2010
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Two and a half years ago the company I work for started the planning stages for a major revision (i.e. complete rewrite) of our flagship product. They took a poll among the programmers (which I was one at that time) to see what languages people knew best. Surprise, surprise, the one that showed up with scary consistency was java. Surprise, surprise, Java was chosen for the rewrite because of "availability of developers".

Fast forward two and a half years, I'm now a system admin for the same company (I personally can't stand Java) maintaining Linux and BSD systems. I write some code, mainly Python, Perl, and some C. I automate sysadmin tasks and watch over the BSD servers that launch scripts to monitor and fix Linux servers...and heh, Java processes.

Not all is lost, though. During the rewrite they had the wisdom to throw away our old database backend design (MSSQL) and start a new one on PostgreSQL. I'll accept java (reluctantly) if it means no more Windows machines on the production network.
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Old 3rd November 2010
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Funny...I had a phone interview today for a Software Engineering position that wanted someone with C,C#, Python experience which was the reason I applied. First question was, "Do you know Java?" I told him I converted a Java app to PHP a few years ago.
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Old 3rd November 2010
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That's actually one of the reasons I am glad to have tought myself rather than gone to college, getting past human resources is insane but at least I know my ass from a hole in the tree out of the deal .

When I meet a CS student or grad, that actually knows there stuff. I generally check two things: Where did they go to school and Were they a naturally qualified.
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