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Old 29th September 2017
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Default OpenBSD firewall hardware

Hi all!
I am NOT a hardware guy, so this is were I need some help.
I am planning to setup a OpenBSD firewall for our distributed filesystem, size about (70TB).
I have read somewere (can not remember where) that to make a OpenBSD firewall you should look for the "fastest" single cpu as it just uses one core, is this true?
So, as I am not a hardware guy, how powerful machine do I need to make this a good firewall?
I have looked a Xeon E3/E5 servers with 32GB RAM and double 10GB network cards, is this the type of machines or am I looking at totally wrong things?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards
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Old 29th September 2017
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The size of your distributed storage is not important; its the number of packets per second and bits per second that each node will need to support which matters when delivering your solution.

The specific NICs you select will make a difference. The "NIC speed" is the network attachment bit rate, it is not the throughput capability of the NIC hardware.

I saw a post on the misc@ mailing list this week (link) from an OpenBSD that noted that the more popular 10Gb NICs may be those that use the ix(4) driver. Issuing $ apropos 10gb produced a slightly longer list:
$ apropos 10gb
ix(4) - Intel 82598/82599/X540/X550 PCI Express 10Gb Ethernet device
ixgb(4) - Intel PRO/10GbE 10Gb Ethernet device
myx(4) - Myricom Myri-10G PCI Express 10Gb Ethernet device
nep(4) - Sun Neptune 10Gb Ethernet device
oce(4) - Emulex OneConnect 10Gb Ethernet device
tht, thtc(4) - Tehuti Networks 10Gb Ethernet device
xge(4) - Neterion Xframe/Xframe II 10Gb Ethernet device
The network stack has been historically single threaded through CPU 0. Work to improve this has been ongoing in recent years, but much of the stack is still single-threaded and that advice for faster/fewer CPUs is still valid.

Routers do not use much memory, so most of your 32 GB of RAM in each router is likely to sit idle.

For more specific hardware advice, you might review the misc@ archives.
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Old 3rd October 2017
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Thanks for the answer!
I have been looking at some hardware and found a supermicro motherboard:
I was thinking a i3-7300 4.0GHz cpu and 8GB RAM.
I have tried to do research on it and found some old info about problems, but that is it.
Is this a good choice?

I hope that someone can help me out with this!

Many thanks!
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