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Old 26th October 2017
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Question Problem with pkg_delete

Hi everyone,

I used pkg_delete to remove a package, but it also removed the basic packages on my machine. Now I have to re-install the basic packages manually. This is so inconvenient. Can anyone suggest a solution?

$ sudo pkg_add boost
quirks-2.367 signed on 2017-10-03T11:21:28Z

$ sudo pkg_delete boost
can't delete boost-1.58.0p8 without deleting akonadi-1.13.0p3 kig-4.14.3p2
Delete them as well ? [y/N/a] y
can't delete akonadi-1.13.0p3 without deleting kdepim-4.14.10p3 kdepim-runtime-4.14.10p0 kdepimlibs-4.14.10p0
Delete them as well ? [y/N/a] y
can't delete kdepimlibs-4.14.10p0 without deleting baloo-4.14.3p5 kde-runtime-4.14.3p11 kde-workspace-4.11.21p17 kget-4.14.3p4 kgpg-4.14.3p3 kopete-4.14.3p6 kuser-4.14.3p4 libkfbapi-1.0p6 libkgapi-2.2.0p1 py-kde-4.14.3p1
Delete them as well ? [y/N/a] y
can't delete py-kde-4.14.3p1 without deleting kate-4.14.3p2
Delete them as well ? [y/N/a] y
can't delete kate-4.14.3p2 without deleting kde4-4.14.3 kde4-minimal-4.14.3p3
Delete them as well ? [y/N/a] a
kde4-4.14.3: ok
kde4-minimal-4.14.3p3: ok
kate-4.14.3p2: ok
can't delete kde-workspace-4.11.21p17 without deleting kdeartwork-4.14.3p2 kremotecontrol-4.14.3p2 ktux-4.14.3p2
kremotecontrol-4.14.3p2: ok
can't delete ktux-4.14.3p2 without deleting kdetoys-4.14.3
kdetoys-4.14.3: ok
ktux-4.14.3p2: ok
kdeartwork-4.14.3p2: ok
can't delete kget-4.14.3p4 without deleting kdenetwork-4.14.3
kdenetwork-4.14.3: ok
py-kde-4.14.3p1:kget-4.14.3p4: ok
py-kde-4.14.3p1:kde-workspace-4.11.21p17: ok
py-kde-4.14.3p1: ok
kopete-4.14.3p6: ok
libkgapi-2.2.0p1:kdepim-4.14.10p3: ok
can't delete kuser-4.14.3p4 without deleting kdeadmin-4.14.3
kdeadmin-4.14.3: ok
libkgapi-2.2.0p1:kuser-4.14.3p4: ok
libkgapi-2.2.0p1:kgpg-4.14.3p3: ok
Unknown media type in type 'all/all'
Unknown media type in type 'all/allfiles'
libkgapi-2.2.0p1:kdepim-runtime-4.14.10p0: ok
libkgapi-2.2.0p1: ok
libkfbapi-1.0p6: ok
can't delete baloo-4.14.3p5 without deleting baloo-widgets-4.14.3p1 gwenview-4.14.3p3 kde-baseapps-4.14.3p3 nepomuk-core-4.14.3p1
gwenview-4.14.3p3: ok
can't delete nepomuk-core-4.14.3p1 without deleting kactivities-4.13.3p1 nepomuk-widgets-4.14.3p1
can't delete kactivities-4.13.3p1 without deleting okular-4.14.3p5
okular-4.14.3p5: ok
can't delete kde-baseapps-4.14.3p3 without deleting ark-4.14.3p3 dolphin-plugins-4.14.3p1 konsole-4.14.3p1
ark-4.14.3p3: ok
konsole-4.14.3p1: ok
can't delete dolphin-plugins-4.14.3p1 without deleting kdesdk-4.14.3
kdesdk-4.14.3: ok
dolphin-plugins-4.14.3p1: ok
kactivities-4.13.3p1:kde-baseapps-4.14.3p3: ok
can't delete kde-runtime-4.14.3p11 without deleting amor-4.14.3p2 analitza-4.14.3p1 artikulate-4.14.3p2 audiocd-kio-4.14.3p1 blinken-4.14.3p3 bomber-4.14.3p3 bovo-4.14.3p2 cantor-4.14.3p7 cervisia-4.14.3p2 dragon-4.14.3p3 ffmpegthumbs-4.14.3p1 filelight-4.14.3p2 granatier-4.14.3p2 jovie-4.14.3p2 juk-4.14.3p3 kaccessible-4.14.3p1 kalgebra-4.14.3p2 kamera-4.14.3p1 kanagram-4.14.3p3 kapman-4.14.3p3 kapptemplate-4.14.3p2 katomic-4.14.3p2 kblackbox-4.14.3p2 kblocks-4.14.3p3 kbounce-4.14.3p3 kbreakout-4.14.3p2 kbruch-4.14.3p2 kcachegrind-4.14.3p3 kcolorchooser-4.14.3p2 kcron-4.14.3p1 kde-dev-utils-4.14.3p2 kdegraphics-mobipocket-4.14.3p1 kdegraphics-thumbnailers-4.14.3p1 kdesdk-thumbnailers-4.14.3p2 kdf-4.14.3p2 kdiamond-4.14.3p2 kfloppy-4.14.3p2 kfourinline-4.14.3p2 kgamma-4.14.3p1 kgeography-4.14.3p2 kgoldrunner-4.14.3p2 khangman-4.14.3p3 kigo-4.14.3p2 killbots-4.14.3p2 kiriki-4.14.3p2 kiten-4.14.3p3 kjumpingcube-4.14.3p2 klettres-4.14.3p3 klickety-4.14.3p2 klines-4.14.3p2 kmag-4.14.3p2 kmahjongg-4.14.3p2 kmines-4.14.3p2 kmousetool-4.14.3p3 kmouth-4.14.3p2 kmplot-4.14.3p2 knavalbattle-4.14.3p3 knetwalk-4.14.3p2 kolf-4.14.3p3 kollision-4.14.3p3 kolourpaint-4.14.3p2 kompare-4.14.3p2 konquest-4.14.3p2 kpat-4.14.3p3 kppp-4.14.3p3 krdc-4.14.3p3 kreversi-4.14.3p2 krfb-4.14.3p2 kruler-4.14.3p2 kscd-4.14.3p3 kshisen-4.14.3p2 ksirk-4.14.3p4 ksnakeduel-4.14.3p2 ksnapshot-4.14.3p2 kspaceduel-4.14.3p2 ksquares-4.14.3p2 kstars-4.14.3p2 ksudoku-4.14.3p2 ksystemlog-4.14.3p1 kteatime-4.14.3p2 ktimer-4.14.3p2 ktouch-4.14.3p3 ktuberling-4.14.3p3 kturtle-4.14.3p2 kubrick-4.14.3p2 kwalletmanager-4.14.3p4 kwordquiz-4.14.3p3 lokalize-4.14.3p3 lskat-4.14.3p2 marble-4.14.3p3 mplayerthumbs-4.14.3p1 okteta-4.14.3p3 pairs-4.14.3p3 parley-4.14.3p3 picmi-4.14.3p2 print-manager-4.14.3p1 rocs-4.14.3p2 step-4.14.3p3 superkaramba-4.14.3p2 svgpart-4.14.3p1 sweeper-4.14.3p1 umbrello-4.14.3p2
ktimer-4.14.3p2: ok
krfb-4.14.3p2: ok
kwordquiz-4.14.3p3: ok
can't delete kreversi-4.14.3p2 without deleting kdegames-4.14.3p0
kdegames-4.14.3p0: ok
kreversi-4.14.3p2: ok
kblackbox-4.14.3p2: ok
kbounce-4.14.3p3: ok
kgeography-4.14.3p2: ok
klickety-4.14.3p2: ok
cervisia-4.14.3p2: ok
picmi-4.14.3p2: ok
kamera-4.14.3p1: ok
kubrick-4.14.3p2: ok
kapptemplate-4.14.3p2: ok
kdiamond-4.14.3p2: ok
kmousetool-4.14.3p3: ok
granatier-4.14.3p2: ok
kmouth-4.14.3p2: ok
kjumpingcube-4.14.3p2: ok
artikulate-4.14.3p2: ok
print-manager-4.14.3p1: ok
kruler-4.14.3p2: ok
kollision-4.14.3p3: ok
kmag-4.14.3p2: ok
kmplot-4.14.3p2: ok
kmines-4.14.3p2: ok
superkaramba-4.14.3p2: ok
blinken-4.14.3p3: ok
kshisen-4.14.3p2: ok
kalgebra-4.14.3p2: ok
kde-dev-utils-4.14.3p2: ok
filelight-4.14.3p2: ok
lokalize-4.14.3p3: ok
jovie-4.14.3p2: ok
svgpart-4.14.3p1: ok
bomber-4.14.3p3: ok
cantor-4.14.3p7: ok
kbruch-4.14.3p2: ok
kiriki-4.14.3p2: ok
knavalbattle-4.14.3p3: ok
kstars-4.14.3p2: ok
rocs-4.14.3p2: ok
ksnapshot-4.14.3p2: ok
kcolorchooser-4.14.3p2: ok
juk-4.14.3p3: ok
kturtle-4.14.3p2: ok
kapman-4.14.3p3: ok
kcachegrind-4.14.3p3: ok
Unknown media type in type 'all/all'
Unknown media type in type 'all/allfiles'
okteta-4.14.3p3: ok
kdf-4.14.3p2: ok
klines-4.14.3p2: ok
kmahjongg-4.14.3p2: ok
kanagram-4.14.3p3: ok
analitza-4.14.3p1: ok
ffmpegthumbs-4.14.3p1: ok
krdc-4.14.3p3: ok
kdegraphics-thumbnailers-4.14.3p1: ok
ksnakeduel-4.14.3p2: ok
ksudoku-4.14.3p2: ok
kdegraphics-mobipocket-4.14.3p1: ok
kompare-4.14.3p2: ok
umbrello-4.14.3p2: ok
kigo-4.14.3p2: ok
kgoldrunner-4.14.3p2: ok
kppp-4.14.3p3: ok
kcron-4.14.3p1: ok
ksquares-4.14.3p2: ok
audiocd-kio-4.14.3p1: ok
bovo-4.14.3p2: ok
kwalletmanager-4.14.3p4: ok
kolf-4.14.3p3: ok
konquest-4.14.3p2: ok
kolourpaint-4.14.3p2: ok
killbots-4.14.3p2: ok
Unknown media type in type 'all/all'
Unknown media type in type 'all/allfiles'
marble-4.14.3p3: ok
kfourinline-4.14.3p2: ok
ksystemlog-4.14.3p1: ok
mplayerthumbs-4.14.3p1: ok
kiten-4.14.3p3: ok
sweeper-4.14.3p1: ok
amor-4.14.3p2: ok
kteatime-4.14.3p2: ok
kdesdk-thumbnailers-4.14.3p2: ok
lskat-4.14.3p2: ok
parley-4.14.3p3: ok
dragon-4.14.3p3: ok
kaccessible-4.14.3p1: ok
ktouch-4.14.3p3: ok
pairs-4.14.3p3: ok
knetwalk-4.14.3p2: ok
kspaceduel-4.14.3p2: ok
kblocks-4.14.3p3: ok
step-4.14.3p3: ok
klettres-4.14.3p3: ok
katomic-4.14.3p2: ok
kbreakout-4.14.3p2: ok
kfloppy-4.14.3p2: ok
ktuberling-4.14.3p3: ok
kgamma-4.14.3p1: ok
kscd-4.14.3p3: ok
ksirk-4.14.3p4: ok
Unknown media type in type 'all/all'
Unknown media type in type 'all/allfiles'
kpat-4.14.3p3: ok
khangman-4.14.3p3: ok
kactivities-4.13.3p1:kig-4.14.3p2: ok
Unknown media type in type 'all/all'
Unknown media type in type 'all/allfiles'
kactivities-4.13.3p1:kde-runtime-4.14.3p11: ok
kactivities-4.13.3p1: ok
nepomuk-widgets-4.14.3p1: ok
nepomuk-core-4.14.3p1: ok
baloo-widgets-4.14.3p1: ok
baloo-4.14.3p5: ok
Unknown media type in type 'all/all'
Unknown media type in type 'all/allfiles'
kdepimlibs-4.14.10p0: ok
Unknown media type in type 'all/all'
Unknown media type in type 'all/allfiles'
akonadi-1.13.0p3: ok
boost-1.58.0p8: ok
Read shared items: ok
--- -kde-baseapps-4.14.3p3 -------------------
You should also run /usr/sbin/groupdel _kdesud
--- -kde-workspace-4.11.21p17 -------------------
You should also run /usr/sbin/userdel _kdm
You should also run /usr/sbin/groupdel _kdm
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Old 26th October 2017
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I would suggest not removing a library that your desktop environment depends on.
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Old 27th October 2017
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Why did you want to remove a package installed by the dependency mechanism?

You could have used the command below to check this:
$ pkg_info -R boost

To get a list of the applications you have manually installed use:
$ pkg_info -m

This is then safe to remove any of them and their dependencies:
# pkg_delete [pkg-name] && pkg_delete -a

To fix the the situation you're in now, you should whether reinstall kde4-4.14.3 or delete all the remaining unwanted packages as explained above.
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