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Default Your OpenBSD shell setup

How about a thread where we show off our shell configuration dot files? It might be a nice resource; I certainly find myself reinventing the wheel each time I come back to a shell (or an OS) that I haven't used in a while.

So how do you folks have your shells and terminals set up? Strut your stuff.
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I'm simple:
xterm -bg black fg white -fa Inconsolata-10 +sb
I keep an extremely simple ksh .profile. So simple, I have no qualms including it in my portable version of OpenBSD ksh:

With the PS1 line uncommented and the bind -m line removed.

And tmux(1) always running. Literally with the defaults. Like I said, I'm simple.
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. /etc/ksh.kshrc
alias su='/usr/bin/su'
alias doas='/usr/bin/doas'
alias passwd='/usr/bin/passwd'
alias ..='cd ..'
alias ...='cd ../..'
alias ....='cd ../../..'
alias .....='cd ../../../..'
alias ......='cd ../../../../..'
set -o emacs
PS1='\h: \w \[\033[01;31m\]${?#0}\[\033[00m\]\$ ' 
alias tcp='doas tcpdump -o -a -q -i iwn0'
alias tcpe='doas tcpdump -o -a -q -i em0'
alias pfmon='doas tcpdump -nei pflog0'
XTerm*vt100.cursorBlink:        true
XTerm*vt100.faceName:           monospace:pixelsize=10
XTerm*vt100.allowBoldFonts:     false
XTerm*vt100.scrollBar:          false
XTerm*vt100.cursorUnderLine:    true

! *customization: -color

! BunsenLabs colours

*.foreground: #bfbfbf
*.background: #2e3436

! Black
*.color0: #000000
*.color8: #666666

! Red
*.color1: #9e1828
*.color9: #cf6171

! Green
*.color2: #aece92
*.color10: #c5f779

! Yellow
*.color3: #968a38
*.color11: #fff796

! Blue
*.color4: #414171
*.color12: #4186be

! Magenta
*.color5: #963c59
*.color13: #cf9ebe

*.color6: #418179
*.color14: #71bebe

! White
*.color7: #bebebe
*.color15: #ffffff

*.cursorColor:  #00ff00
I've also added these lines to ~/.profile:
case "$KSH_VERSION" in
        *MIRBSD*) ;;
        *) export ENV="$HOME/.kshrc" ;;

export PAGER=most
export EDITOR='9 ed'
export VISUAL=vim
export BROWSER=chrome

[ "$(tty)" = "/dev/ttyC0" ] && exec xinit -- -nolisten tcp -tst

9 fortune
I use the supplied mkshrc example when using that shell, along with my trivial aliases.
Linux is for people who hate Windows. BSD is for people who love UNIX.

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