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Old 1st August 2008
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Default ibm eserver x225 - 7.0 installation when btx halted / endless loop

I'm trying to install 7.0 RELEASE on my server, it's an IBM eServer x225 (8647-5CG if that matters).

The problem i'm experiencing is that when i boot on the cd (disc1 or bootonly doesn't matter), i get an endless loop of numbers.
Booting on floppy gives me
int=0000000d	err=00000000	efl=00010006	eip=000219b2
eax=000219ac	ebx=00000000	ecx=c0000080	edx=000587d8
esi=0003e007	edi=00000000	ebp=0008fcbc	esp=00099c88
cs=0008	ds=0010	es=0010	fs=0010	gs=0010	ss=0010
cs:eip=0f 32 0d 00 01 00 00 0f-30 0f 20 e0 83 c8 30 0f
       22 e0 b8 00 c0 03 00 0f-22 d8 0f 20 c0 0d 00 00
ss:esp=90 95 00 00 00 80 fc 00-00 90 fc 00 07 e0 03 00
       00 00 00 00 07 d0 03 00-00 00 00 00 cc 87 05 00
BTX halted
Apparently x225s are somewhat incompatible with the standard freebsd installation, someone suggested to use the 7.0 snapshot bootonly, 7.0-STABLE-200804-i386-bootonly.iso gives me this screen and then nothing happens
CD Loader 1.2

Building the boot loader arguments
Looking up /BOOT/LOADER... Found
Relocating the lader and the BTX
Starting the BTX loader

BTX loader 1.00 BTX version is 1.02
Consoles: internal video/keyboard
BIOS CD is cd0
BIOS drive A: is disk0
Server has a 32bit XEON cpu, 4 gigs of ram, two 76gb hotswap SCSI-disks in a RAID1 array using the builtin LSI-controller. It's currently running windows server 2003r2 without problems, i can also boot the ubuntu server install cd with no problems..

Does anyone have any idea on how i can manage to install freebsd on it?
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Old 2nd August 2008
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I'm just shooting in the dark here... Try a 6.3 CD and then do a source upgrade to 7?
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Old 2nd August 2008
underlig underlig is offline
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Tried booting/installing 6.3 through http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ but that didn't work either although i didn't get any explanation why..

Since i don't have an rw-disc all this experimenting is getting expensive
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Old 3rd August 2008
underlig underlig is offline
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So i tried booting from an old 6.2 cd, and a clean 7.0, same problems.

The scsi-controller is a "LSI 1030 SCSI Controller", could the problem come from missing drivers? If so, how do i add them to the bootcd? ( i mean since it halts after detecting the cdrom and the floppy when using 7.0-STABLE-200804-i386-bootonly.iso )
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