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Old 16th January 2010
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Default REQUEST: Programm for changing the clock

Can anyone write me a program in BSD for changing the clock's format from 12 to 24 hours, like: 1:30pm - 13:30 and 14:20 - 2:30 pm
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Old 16th January 2010
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ooohhh I mean VISUAL BASIC

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Old 16th January 2010
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I honestly have no idea what your second post meant, but I'll try my best at simplifying this for you.

Traditional UNIX kernels only know time as seconds passed since the UNIX epoch, internally the clock is set to UTC time, it is functions within the C library that convert time into your preferred timezone.. and format it into something more human readable (..not a scary integer).

If you're asking about the date(1) program, it allows you to specify custom formatting desires.. passing parameters onto a helpful little function in the C library, strftime(3).

The following demonstrates 12 hour time, in the format of hour:minutes:seconds and AM/PM notation.

$ date "+%r"

The '%r' option is standardized by POSIX, it is the equivalent of '%I:%M:%S %p'.

Is this adequate enough? or are you asking how to configure a desktop environment like GNOME or KDE to use 12 hour time?

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Old 16th January 2010
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On Windows use the appropriate control panel applet to change date/time formats under your regional settings; I run my XP machine using ISO standard time/date formats.

On UNIX, just use date or configure the clocklet on your desktop.

For all in between, just write a custom clock >_>.
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