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Old 6th August 2010
putrycy putrycy is offline
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Default netstat -s -p ip output meaning

Hey, I'd like to ask you all a question, that is ought to be simple -- what exactly does each field of netstat -s -p ip output mean ?, E.g.

        26740727 total packets received
        14 bad header checksums
        0 with size smaller than minimum
        0 with data size < data length
        0 with ip length > max ip packet size
        0 with header length < data size
        0 with data length < header length
        0 with bad options
        0 with incorrect version number
        365 fragments received
        0 fragments dropped (dup or out of space)
        0 fragments dropped after timeout
        122 packets reassembled ok
        26734571 packets for this host
        5847 packets for unknown/unsupported protocol
        0 packets forwarded (0 packets fast forwarded)
        37 packets not forwardable
        0 packets received for unknown multicast group
        0 redirects sent
        28384081 packets sent from this host
        0 packets sent with fabricated ip header
        0 output packets dropped due to no bufs, etc.
        0 output packets discarded due to no route
        6054 output datagrams fragmented
        27879 fragments created
        0 datagrams that can't be fragmented
        0 tunneling packets that can't find gif
        0 datagrams with bad address in header
Im especially interested in 'packets not forwardable'.
What does presence of "not forwardable packets" mean ? Thanks in advance for Your kind help.
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Old 20th August 2010
sharris sharris is offline
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We're in the same boat but I did get Packet-Filter installed. I guest you know by now you got a lot of googling to do and be sure to read all you can about Packet-Filter and do a forum search right here under Open-BSD mostly. Than you get a good idea about how networking really works just by understanding pf. Open-BSD Packet-Filter RULES!



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Old 20th August 2010
BSDfan666 BSDfan666 is offline
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The version of OpenBSD's pf that was ported to FreeBSD/NetBSD is ancient, 4.0/4.2 era and lacks recent development.

It may indeed be better than whatever else is available for FreeBSD/NetBSD, but there have been some fundamental changes in configuration syntax with the recent releases of OpenBSD, especially around scrub/nat/rdr rules.

So if you're going to use OpenBSD's pf documentation, you may wish to grab an older PDF copy from here.

Peter N. M. Hansteen's Book of PF would still be helpful for FreeBSD/NetBSD users, and for smaller configurations his famous pf tutorial is still updated occasionally.

The FreeBSD/NetBSD folks need to stop referring to OpenBSD for their outdated fork of pf, as do users of those operating systems.. as it's only going to frustrate them.

Good luck.
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Old 20th August 2010
ocicat ocicat is offline
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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
The FreeBSD/NetBSD folks need to stop referring to OpenBSD for their outdated fork of pf, as do users of those operating systems.. as it's only going to frustrate them.
I am sure BSDfan666 meant "...stop referring to OpenBSD 's documentation for their outdated forks of pf(4), ...".

Otherwise, I completely agree with his analysis. Henning Brauer, the primary OpenBSD developer working on pf(4), has rearchitected much of its internals over several recent OpenBSD releases. These rapid changes have made it hard enough for the OpenBSD community to keep up; it must be virtually impossible for the other *BSD projects.

Syntax which may have been correct a few releases (of OpenBSD) ago will now create errors. I'm sure the converse is true too -- using the current OpenBSD pf(4) documentation on the older versions integrated into FreeBSD & NetBSD must be as equally frustrating in creating viable rulesets.
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