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Old 2nd June 2008
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8MB of (shared) memory is enough for a desktop I think, at least I was able to use KDE with 384MB of PC100 and a ram stealing 8MB Matrox G200 ^_^

64MB of RAM on the other hand is _problematic_
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Old 13th June 2008
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warriors you can use X but it's necessary installing a light WM (window manager), for examples:
In this manner only 25 Mb will be occupied, the problem is that if launches applications, for example firefox, you already exceed the threshold of 64 mb and go in this swap.

With at least 128 mb you would use discreet.
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Old 13th June 2008
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Xenocara comes with fvwm, cwm, twm.
OpenBSD defaults to fvwm
So, id you startx, without any ~/.xinitrc or /etc/X11/xorg.conf
you should have the fvwm with the console icon, the clock and the virtual desktop app.
If you don't, something went wrong in the install.


Note for -current users:
forgot to generate xorg.conf
Both mouse and keyboard azerty Belgian worked rightaway,
keyboard is el cheapo Rainbow made in China. Thumbs up!
Still need a xorg.conf on my server to tell him to use Xenocara and not dual display.
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Old 14th August 2008
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I was reading this thread and although it was quite informative, it failed to help my situation. I am running this OS through virtualization. I used following commands and got following results:

X -configure

Any input on this problem would be welcome!
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Old 14th August 2008
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Welcome, mrTurquoise.
  1. Did you answer "Yes" to the question during install regarding X? Confirm the aperture is open:

    $ sysctl machdep.allowaperture

    The value should be 2, for either i386 or amd64. If it is 2, then:
  2. Which virtual machine facility are you using?
  3. Would you provide a dmesg, please?
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