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Old 13th August 2012
DwBSD DwBSD is offline
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Smile FreeBSD in Macbook 3.1 Santarosa White

I have a macbook which currently use Linux Mageia 2 but I would like to migrate to FreeBSD to have more experience with Unix than Linux as one of the problems that there are too many Linux distributions is the same and many based in others, and understand me.

The fact is that the computer will use to create music with Ardour or Rosegarden + or with the same convinación Qtractor even considering using the I OpenOctave midi, well the thing is, my macbook has a Broadcom BCM wifi ka 43xxx which is not whether directly support the BSD kernel, the other thing is I have a Hercules Console Mk2 which drivers thought installing the binary support of the FC10 (fedora core 10), but do not know if these drivers.

Will work with the BSD kernel or will I have to use another specific driver nor I have very clear (what FreeBSD uses OSS4 and do not press or alsa), if I can make it work well or there will QJackCtl problems in that regard, I have seen a video that puts you in gnome up menus OSx style I want to know which application or applet is that, but that is secondary.

The main thing would be the broadcom wifi, near the Hercules Mk2 console to make it work with Mixxx (if this for FreeBSD) and try to run the HDJCPL (a control panel for Hercules Mk2)
Any suggestions?

MacBook Features
Intel Graphics XGMA-3100
-Wifi Broadcom bcm43xxx
-Intel integrated sound card (but I use the Hercules Mk2 by derecto)
-Monitor 23 "(I use it as a single monitor, I hope I BSD of problems having closed the lid of the laptop to use a USB keyboard and still use the external monitor)

Come to think I have the hd documents EXT4 good would it be migrated to Ext4 on BSD or FreeBSD system can understand the Ext4 file system?

Greetings and thanks.
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Old 13th August 2012
J65nko J65nko is offline
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I have no any experience with music creation, but my advice would be to get an additional computer that you can use to install and explore FreeBSD on.
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Old 14th August 2012
DwBSD DwBSD is offline
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OK thanks for the answer, but would need to know if the broadcom work in FrreBSD and Hercules Mk2 and would have to do as.
I imagine the loading broadcom module that if_bwi (defendant who was that), and then from gnome wireless network configuration and hercules is where.
I have more doubts would it work to the drivers of the Fedora Core 10? (compatible with the opensuse rpm, Fedora 10), or trying to instlar RPM application that has drivers for linux does not work properly on BSD?

As for what will surely monitor everything to find the program that handles this issue, in Linux now I acuersdo it is called, but all would be a matter of search and find one just like BSD or Linux use (if you can and works of course), as to what I imagine the Mixxxx BSD as doubt will bring back again to the theme of the drivers and see if someone with a little more experience can help me.
Greetings and thanks again.
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Old 14th August 2012
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The Broadcom wifi should work.

The Hercules Mk2 thing, probably won't if the drivers need kernel access. Any Linux drivers that need kernel access would have to be ported to FreeBSD as the kernel is not the same as Linux. If the driver don't require kernel access then it may or may not work, you'd have to give it a try.

I do know that Rosegarden and Ardour are in the FreeBSD ports but I have not used them.
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Old 14th August 2012
DwBSD DwBSD is offline
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Well What you get off so the driver sources could you do something to carry the driver to BSD?, I have really wanted to try something different from Linux I can say as to where to download the fonts (both the driver and the application HDJCPL (what who has been the control panel Hercules)
As the card if I have understood that if you use the driver that the snd_uaudio (or something) Deveria work, at least as sound card, then just put in the boot as main sound card is that true? .
If you want I pass the link to the sources of the driver and the other application, see if you can port it to BSD.

And las question, can boot FreeBSD in the Macbook with the EFI boot or need bootcamp for boot the system?


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