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Originally Posted by ephemera View Post
...will you upgrade to 7?
Not immediately, but I will in time. Mainly for three reasons:
  • Corporate America, & especially large corporations typically standardize on Windows. Enough said.

    As subpoints, it also doesn't hurt to stay abreast of what Redmond is doing. Maybe I'm not addicted to their wares, but many people are, & some of those people might pay my bills. Knowing the terrain is a good thing -- just like knowing a bit of OS X.

    Diversity also breeds tolerance. Although I prefer OpenBSD, all operating systems have their place & function. Neither is any one operating system perfect -- even OpenBSD.
  • Some laptop vendors (Lenovo...) only provide BIOS updates via Windows applications. For these situations, I prefer dual-booting because I don't need to boot into Windows often, & the overhead of virtualization merely for this one reason isn't justified. I just need the disk space.
  • The Open Source Unix-like operating systems still pales in comparison to the support of Flash & other youtube-like venues. Like it or not, there is salient information in these formats.
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