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Originally Posted by foxgirl88 View Post
...i still can't post my own thread lol.. is something wrong? (i.e. over 5 days)
How are you attempting to create a thread?

From the home page,
  1. Go to whichever subforum you wish to start a new thread, ie. NetBSD General.
  2. To the upper left of the table displaying all thread titles, is an elliptical button labeled "New Thread".
  3. Pressing this button should display a new page entitled "Post New Thread". At the top will be a single line edit box labeled "Title", followed by the large multi-line edit box labeled "Message" for the text of your post.
If you can provide more information as to the error you are experiencing, we will attempt to resolve the matter. This is only the second report of someone new mentioning an issue with starting a new thread.
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